Coming death of this Russian Collusion conspiracy

One thing is certain. Trump will go down in history as the dumbest and most corrupt president in modern times.

Are we talking about the investigation started by republicans?

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Oh you silly wabbit those were deep state Obama plants…

A republican, not the republicans.

During an administration with a republican President, a republican majority senate, and a republican majority house.

And? Did they get a say? I don’t recall it coming up for a vote. In any case, there are plenty of elected Republicans who hate him more than Democrats do.

The hoax was in the national intensity that this fake story was being fed to their sheople, telling them how baaaaa, baaaaa, baaaaad orange man is and that he’s nothing more than a Putin puppet. CNN and MSNBC spoke of little else for over 2 years!

Here…let’s all toast the end of this bull feces with vodka raised, Na Zdorovie. :tumbler_glass:

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How dare anyone besmirch the good name of Donald Trump.

You toast, I’ll toke. Re-election is in the bag.

Trump does it all the time…but that is totally skirting the truth of what I stated and you…KNOW this. The media being used to feed a political agenda to their listeners has NEVER been as predominant in our culture…as it is right now and I label it as both repugnant and dangerous because it’s based on more lies, than the truth.

Meh. I am one of those crazy people who will read the report and decide for myself instead of jumping on board with what I am being told to think about it.


I’m providing you a way to soothe that potentially scorched throat. Let’s call it pleasure, in stereo. :sunglasses:

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That the only way the Republicans could beat Hillary was by electing Donald Trump.

Yes you are my friend but your way is too quickly becoming extinct. :sunglasses:

No worries, I quit smoking 5 years ago. Got my singing voice back and everything. :sunglasses:

What do I query on YouTube to judge for myself?

SixFootJohnson is the channel, but you won’t find my musical compositions there… yet. I can kill Taliban all day, but struggle with stage fright. :rofl:

Yep…ya have to mentally go to a bahama beach and relax. You can do it…with more practice. It takes time and thank you for your service my friend…seriously.

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So anywho, how 'bout that Meuller report, eh? Tomorrow is the big day.

It’s gonna be a great read. I highly recommend that everyone read the damn report for themselves before watching the news about it. Find out how your unmolested opinion stacks up against what the mouth breathers in the TV are trying to tell you.

Yes, the difference between Nixon and Obama was Nixon used his own staff to spy, Obama and the dems used the FBI, CIA and JD… 1000 times worse, and perfect alignment with the leftist history of tyranny.

Imagine the reign of terror that would have happened if Hillary had won. The entire govt would be like the san jose police pretending to protect Trump rally attendees…


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