Coming death of this Russian Collusion conspiracy

Comes Thursday when Mueller report finally comes out will put to death this greatest hoax ever perpetrated/pulled on American people.

What will those that pushed this greatest hoax do now? How will they defend their action over the last 2 plus years? Will they flee since they can’t defend themselves?

What will be next conspiracy they push when they do come back?

Trump taxes? Once again advocating/using goverment as a weapon against their political opponents?

Well they continue using congress as a tool out of vendetta against Trump, those that work in his administration and his supporters?


For my part, I don’t care what the zero credibility, less than birthers, sore loser, traitors come up with next.

Hopefully they get the help they need.

I know they’re unable to defend their conspiracy hoax for last 2 plus years…and why so many are now silence. :wink:

Can you tell us what this “greatest hoax ever” was? Is it just the fact that there was an investigation into whether or not the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to interfere in our election?

Trump colluded with Russians, Putin puppet, Trump is Putin Manchurian candidate, Trump business dealing, Trump son conspired with the Russian to stop Hillary.

You name it…libs pushed it.

War of the World radio drama was the greatest hoax ever pulled on the American people.

And you are confident that the Muller report exonerates him of these things?
How about we call your conclusion that the Mueller report exonerates Trump and Jr. of all of these things a Hoax.
We shall see which is a hoax shortly.

No, the Russian collusion crap beat the radio drama by a mile. :roll_eyes:

Trump is Putin’s puppet, are you blind?

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Lie like crazy then complain the media covers your lies and have your supporters complain about the coverage being negative while never caring about the lies. No smoke!

I have a feeling that some people won’t be able to defend their position and leave. :wink:


Was the lies told about Russian contacts by every single senior Trump campaign associate a hoax?

Was Roger Stone contact with Wikileaks a hoax?

Was Paul Manafort sending campaign polling data to Russian backed Ukrainians a hoax?

What about Donald Trump dictating a letter lying about the Trump Tower meeting a hoax?

Was the Moscow Project… that Donald Trump lies about… a hoax?

Which one is it?


TDS is a sad sight to behold, but the cure is coming tomorrow. Now excuse me while I ignore everything and chant “no collusion” into Hannity tv show reruns.


You seriously think that report will end the hysteria that has built up over two years? They will take little exerts that were found insufficient to prove anything and act like it is proof.

OMG! Trump Jr. had a meeting with a Russian in Trump Tower!! It says so right there on page 237. That PROVES collusion. Schiff needs to investigate that meeting. Trump must testify. This is even worse than we thought!!!


Fifth avenue syndrome, in plain sight.

I bet you blew your top regarding the tarmac meeting, though, right?


The more of the report that is released, the less the Dems have to question.

Yep…but where will they go?

I presume they will head to a place where none will know about their past…or their lies they been pushing for last 2 plus years.


Wherever they go, no one will care. :wink:


Caring about lies. Trump. It’s just too weird.

No, people killed themselves over that radio broadcast. My goodness, get some perspective please.