Comey 'Deviated' From Procedure in Clinton Probe, But Was Not Politically Biased, IG Says

As expected, the IG report criticizes how Comey handled the Clinton investigation but says there was no political bias affecting the outcome.

The same is true of Strzok and Page. That what they did was inappropriate but there was no bias that affected the investigations.

Pretty much what most of us thought. No game changers here.

The question is how will the Trump team try to spin this in their favor as a means to further attack Law Enforcement and our institutions?

Comey’s a proven deviant!

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Yeah… I didn’t think that this was going to be a huge bombshell that the CEC was hoping for.

The IG is part of the Deep State now … I guess.




Horowitz is an Obama appointee!

The deep state got to him!

More proof this is bigger than Watergate!!!




Thoughts? You’ve been talking about the big reveals from this report. What say you?

That’s why he was fired. No Russians needed…

I am sure we will be getting the arguments coming in around 1230 EST.


I was in the process of typing out something to this effect when I scrolled down and saw you had done it. :rofl:

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I suppose that depends on which version of the firing you choose to believe. The first, second, third, or 10th version told to us by the WH.

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? His firing was recommended, and Trump thought it would make Dems happy. And it did until dems were told not to like it. See Colbert show. Amazing!

yes, yes, tell us what Rush and Sean told you to think!

Not according to Donald.

The left is full of walking cliche’s…They have yet to come on and talk about it…

Donald said he decided to fire him before those, “recommendations” and that it was about the Russia investigation. I understand it’s hard for you to get your story straight with this clown, but you should try harder anyway.


Time/Bloomberg is the only one reporting this so far?

Nothing on yet…

Cant wait for the rage tweet on this one

Comey â– â– â– â– â– â–  up the handling of the Clinton thing hard. From top to bottom. That should never be forgotten.

Let us not pretend that the President fired him for anything other than “The Russia Thing”

Literally everyone in this thread is someone you consider a leftist. And they’re all here talking about the story. Oops. Try again.

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A rash of libs making stuff up…