COMEY CHAOS: Susan Rice’s ‘UNUSUAL’ Email Raises NEW QUESTIONS About Comey’s Testimony | Sean Hannity

A bombshell email from former National Security Advisor Susan Rice sent during President Trump’s inauguration is raising serious questions over former FBI director James Comey’s congressional testimony; highlighting possible inconsistencies over high-level meetings with President Obama during Trump’s transition.

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Held in private!? Who won this argument? I will believe congress when both Comey and Hillary both are indicted and go to prison for collusion, lying and possibly treason. Then and only then will justice be done. A slap on the wrist for either, and Congress should be held in contempt and abolished!

The lying by top level people is revolting… Obama and Clinton were meddling in the US election never mind Russia doing what exactly the same things they accuse Russians of in Israel’s last election… as I recall Obama had his campaign chairman on the ground in Israel trying to stop Benjamin Netanyahu from winning… Compound that with Hillary purchasing the Steele Dossier which was proven to be bogus only to have the FBI’s “Beyond Reproach” actors including Rosenstein, Comey, Mueller and the two having an affair on the tax payers dime. They should all be fired!