COMEY CAVES: Former FBI Boss Agrees to Testify Before Congressional Lawmakers | Sean Hannity

The disgraced former chief of the FBI agreed to testify before Congressional lawmakers this week; reaching a tentative deal to speak privately with legislators about Hillary Clinton’s botched email server investigation during the 2016 presidential election.

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I think this is just going to be another dog & phony - pony show brought to U.S. by the swamp creatures. Political actors acting like they are serious, Bull Crap. They all belong to the same secret sorority and are bound by blood oaths to each other.

I’m curious to see that comes of this. I’m guessing that nothing will happen. From the information we have I don’t understand how President Trump’s lawyers are even allowing the investigation to continue? All the stuff that has been done by the FBI and the Justice Department and we still have all the people with the conflicts of interest in charge of the investigation. The way it appears I wouldn’t hire any of these lawyers to represent me in a traffic ticket, let alone defend me in an important matter like this.