Comedian Prank Calls the President

Is this a hoax or was a prank caller really able to get the leader of the free world on the line? I haven’t listened to the entire pod cast, so I’ll offer a warning that there could be inappropriate language. The President (?) appears at about 1:11:00

Please, explain why this shouldn’t scare the hell out of me.

In the corporate world, we refer to this as a breach via social engineering.

Its true, but its just another drop in the Trump ■■■■ show bucket. If this inept lunatic doesn’t already scare anyone, this latest face plant won’t scare you.

As dumb as Trump is, I actually think Jared Kushner is dumber.

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As I understand it, he’s the one that convinced Trump to fire Comey.

Big part of the reason I believe he is dumber than Trump.

I think we’ve all heard of the stories of people having to hire their son-in-law. I’ve never heard a positive outcome.

Stuttering ■■■■■■■ John? Howard Stern’s stuttering John? Lol!

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Putin is going to have a field day with this clown.

going to have? he has been having one all year

Stuttering John…who has talked to Donald countless times. Ate dinner with him. Old man’s losing his grip if he cant identify that voicee.

Apparently the Secret Service paid him a visit but as far as I know nothing came from that.b

SS must love having to waste their time because administration is so incompetent.

In that Fire and Fury book, Steve Bannon outright says Kushner was terrified that they were gonna dig into his family business and find, uh, let’s say potentially unpleasant stuff.

The book was so terrible… I can’t remember… was it the fear of firing unpleasant business with Kushner, Trump or both?

It’s definitely a tabloid book, but they also let that dude just wander around the West Wing with no checks for like a year too.

As recounted, everyone was against firing Comey (because even they realized that exactly what happened would happen) except Jarvanka.

Well… Kushner is famously pretty stupid.

I understand Stern’s also had a Sara Sanders impersonator on his show, too. :laughing: