"Come within 3 feet of me and I'm going to kill you"

So true. We have neighbors on our block fighting over a squash plant. Granted they’re both progressive liberals, so by “fighting” I mean writing nasty emails about it while sipping Pinot, but it’s a squash plant. You’d think one of them murdered a family member.


The guy that gets in fights all the time has nothing to lose. That puts you at a disadvantage from the word go. You go to jail for assault, you lose your job, have to move cause you can no longer afford your house, your wife and kids lives get upended because of your decision to scrap. The other guy gets three hots and a cot and a cool story.

Very well said. Sounds personal. Sad truth for you or your friends and everyone who is affected by that.

? I was just extending your logic. This hasn’t happened to me because I realized early on reality.

My mistake

uh, what?


-Rand Paul

You’re right though. I’ve had some bad ones, now I have some great ones. It takes effort to maintain and a bit of luck to begin with but so worth it.

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I’m thinking he meant species as in humans can be ■■■■■■■ stupid.

Manners are important.

Ah… another good guy with a gun story!

This is exactly why we need more and more guns in the hands of more and more people every day. The only way to stop these rage shootings is to get everyone armed.

It’s just good ol’ common sense.

Sadly, this is a likely depiction of what a lot of the senseless gun violence in the US looks like. People owning a gun pretty much solely to cover for some personal inadequacy getting emotional over meaningless crap or a temporary problem and then we have serious and long lasting consequences. Some of the victim’s last words mentioning his children. Somehow more guns seems to be the solutions, though.

When the man said “an armed society is a polite society,” he wasn’t talking about bringing baseball bats to a gunfight. :wink:

I may be misinterpreting what you are getting at, but are you implying that if the man with the bat had instead had a firearm, this would have somehow ended more politely?

Well, first off, did you miss the wink? That signifies a joke. But since you asked, yes … either that or we would have ended the day with 1 or 2 fewer idiots. Either way works for me.

Natural selection.

In another angle, it appeared the neighbor with the bat, tossed it at the old fat guy indicating he was leaving the confrontation. There was no velocity, the old man ducked, was uninjured but then the son opened fire with a sawed off shotgun. IMO, those with the gun murdered their neighbor. It may be deemed manslaughter but it was murder.

So it wasn’t a joke.

It was a joke with a factual basis. Do you need everything explained to you?

I know you’re in training, but sheesh, dude. Do better!!

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How ironic. :smile: