"Come within 3 feet of me and I'm going to kill you"

A father and son combo murdered their neighbor over a fight about a box spring in the alley. During the confrontation they can be heard repeatably saying they will kill the victim if he comes within 3 feet of them even though neither is ever in the slightest bit of danger.

$25,000 bond? Seriously?

Hopefully the old bastard rots in prison.

How the ■■■■ do you get twenty five grand cash or bond on a murder charge immediately? That’s totally unbelievable.

Doesn’t anyone’s just scrap anymore? Jesus.

Hopefully they both do

Be in Texas. Be white.

There has to be some kind of story behind this. Murder is almost always remand or something outrageous like a quarter mil straight cash. You can’t even get bail on a murder charge in my state.

I saw $250,000 bond on the news earlier.

The article says that it started out at $25,000.

Yes, I read the article. Just wondering about the discrepancy from earlier today.

Bunch of idiots in the alley, including the deceased. Brought a bat to a gun fight. Should have walked in the house and called the cops, or at least got his own gun.

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My thoughts exactly. Not to excuse the shooting, but how many brains does it take to not come within 3 feet of someone pointing a gun at you telling you that they will shoot if you do? Too bad it’s too late to keep both of these two geniuses from breeding.

However, from a legal perspective, the fact that the victim raised the bat may get these idiots off.

I agree he should have checked his ego and slowly walked away

They were given ludicrously low bail, bonded out, then brought back in and given a proper bail.

Idiots. Should’ve run while they had to chance. Didn’t even put the house up.

Yeah getting his own gun sounds like a solid piece of advice.


I’m honestly not sure how this one plays out. There’s so much stupidity on both sides it makes me question our races position on the food chain.

On the one hand. Raising a bat at someone is a deadly threat. Normally that would legitimize the shooting.

On the other hand. I don’t know how it plays out legally when the situation is one the shooter was egging on and escalating.

To my mind even stand your ground wouldn’t apply for either. SYG laws mean that you don’t have to try and retreat, but it doesn’t mean you can try and provoke the other person into doing something so you can shoot them.

So I guess in a nutshell: yes I think the murder charges are warranted, and I think fitting. But there may also be enough grey areas in these laws that these two bozos slip through. Most cases I can call pretty cut and dried, this one could go all wonkey.

Better than continuing to threaten the two guys packing heat with a baseball bat.

Not adding anything, but we as humans can be ■■■■■■■ stupid. And there is a certain percentage of people who for some reason can’t see death when it’s staring at them. I’m more of a FLIGHT guy cause I don’t want to die and my fight reflex is tempered by my FEAR OF PRISON. But that’s just me.

You’re a smart guy.

I’m amazed at how heated things can get between neighbors.