Columbia, South Carolina Mayor Seat flips Republican after 30 years of unbroken Dem Control

The Democrats have controlled Columbia for 30 years. It was such a safe Democrat position that Republicans didn’t even field a candidate in the previous election. Biden won the vote in the city by 40 points just a year ago. The new Republican mayor moved the needle by double digits, just like Republican results in Virginia and New Jersey.

GOP defeats Obama-endorsed candidate in deep blue city that Biden won handily in 2020


Democrats have this under control. They realize they need to be more extreme to the left to win votes.


All the signs are currently pointing to a major wave election in 2022.

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The most embarrassing wave ever, following their little blue drip. lol

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Crime is way up in Columbia. Another case of Dems not delivering on public safety.


“Let’s Go Brandon” :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Enjoy it while you can.

What is this supposed to mean?

There is no enjoyment in having a turd like Brandon as POTUS…period.


The pendulum is always swinging. Right now Republicans have the mo, but they’ll eventually overreach and it’ll swing back the other way in time. Happens to both sides all the time.

True, the pendulum is always swinging.

Pendulum went lib-ward for all of 10 months. And they pushed it too far while it was there.


Are you sure there wasn’t any fraud? I was told dems would cheat to win.

All politics is cyclical

:roll_eyes:Is that really the only direction of thought that comes to mind. How about an explanation from the left as to why you think a 30 year safe seat flipped.


It’s a sign of trouble ahead for them in the mid terms. They know it but don’t want to acknowledge it.

Until it’s not.

Does it upset you that the Walkaway movement is showing results?


The walkaway movement is the socialist/communist democrat leadership’s worst nightmare

Last 245 years have been pretty cyclical

Not really. Or at least, some of the cycles lasted 20-30 years. Better pray this inflation is transitory.

That’s still cyclical…