Colorado Dem Secures Schools

Can’t have one without the other.

If somebody is shooting at me, the only way I’m spraying them is if that’s all I have. Lethal threat begets lethal response.

Most people don’t buy high grade body armor. It’s usually just a ballistic nylon vest. Without insert plates they don’t stop much beyond low velocity, small caliber hand gun rounds. And even then I wouldn’t just let someone shoot me in the chest with one on.

There is no such thing as “bulletproof” vest. All will fail at some point.

The majority worn by civilians lack ceramic insert plates. They were primarily designed to slow the speed of shrapnel from detonating artillery rounds and grenades. Against bullets they aren’t great.

Depending on the vest worn and the 9 mm load it may would have punched straight through it.

It was a tactical vest, not body armor. That simply means it’s tacticool looking and has lots of neat pockets and magazine holders.

It didn’t increase the number or type of casualties by even one.

“Tactical Gear” doesn’t stop squat.

He’d have pissed himself to death right before being shot.

Nothing makes you bullet proof and Holmes wasn’t wearing body armor.

Type IIIA body armor. Picture of the tag from the trial can be found here.