Collusion on Trump


I really don’t know why Trump doesn’t. I don’t believe it’s to protect national security. I’ve already seen documents that had been redacted using that reason, turning out to actually be…not incriminating themselves and their politically biased investigation. Nunes is being persistent though, along with Gowdy and it’s slowly, slowly being revealed. Another source that’s digging away at this has been Judical Watch and their lawsuits under the FOIA that has exposed a ton. It’s my current understanding that the 33,000 missing emails…actually weren’t missing. The FBI has had them all along. My friend, this really is an ugly time for America but the swamp must be drained.


Why do you now get ridiculous?


…applying your partisanly, slanted lib POV, I can understand you swallowing that hook, line and sinker.


So when you said that they weren’t investigating HRC because that would expose their crimes…what crimes are you referring to?


The DOJ has volunteered to allow Nunes and Gowdy the opportunity to the see the documents unredacted in person. They just are not allowing the information to be copied and released, because of the fact there is an ongoing investigation. But that has not been good enough for Nunes, because his goal is not to provide oversight, it is to damage or end the Mueller investigation. And yes, this is a dark time in history and will go down as one of the worst times in our nation. Because of people like Nunes who is placing politics above country. Who, along with Trump, is actively trying to ruin the Law Enforcement institutions of this nation. It is despicable what they are doing, and I fear the long-term damage may never be undone.


How is it you believe I am the one, between us, being ridiculous. You are accusing a lifelong Republican who has devoted his entire life to upholding the rule of law, defending our Constitution, and prosecuting criminals of being in a plot to remove the President of the United States with absolutely ZERO evidence. Check a mirror man.


No…that’s the latest stall tactic. This was already supposed to have been done. Now we’re kicking the can down the road until the next excuse. Do you remember the date in the future that’s been set? Let’s make a point to again discuss this very subject…after that time. Fair enough?


Evidence number one…the document authorizing the scope of the special prosecutor was intentionally widened outside of collusion. A federal judge examined it and stated the purpose was to remove Trump, not to investigate collusion. Does this not send up a red flag to you?


The intent was to exonerate Hillary so that she’d be the next POTUS and to discredit Trump so that he wouldn’t be the next POTUS.


We were discussing why the DOJ isn’t investigating HRC NOW. You said it was because they didn’t want to expose their crimes. What crimes are they afraid of exposing?


The FBI and the DoJ are colluding. Do you not remember Comey doing Lynch’s job in whether or not Hillary would be indicted? This is a coordinated effort at the top levels of government. That’s what disturbs me the most. These departments must be apolitical and they trashed that.


So why isn’t Sessions investigating this?


No it does not. A judge’s personal, unsubstantiated opinion does not supersede the law or legal application thereof. And as a judge ruled yesterday, Rosenstein followed proper protocol and adhered to his legal authority in his appointment of Mueller, including the scope of the investigation.

So again, you’re accusing a lifelong Republican who has devoted his life to upholding the rule of law, of being engaged in some wild eyed conspiracy without a shred of evidence. It’s shameful.


Yeah, my statement was really controversial.

Well, it really wasn’t. It’s just true.


I really wish I knew the answer but I don’t. It’s just all coming out in a drip, drip, drip fashion. I may be being duped but it appears that many legal scholars are seeing the same thing and suing the DoJ and FBI in court. They are winning too but then what’s being given by these entities after losing is heavily redacted so that it must go to court again.


OMG. Your mind is not open, it’s made up. I’ve made my comments as I have for almost 2 years. Look at what we’re now discussing? It’s what I sensed a long time ago and openly stated it. Almost everybody here thought I was conspiratorally crazy. Maybe I am and then again…maybe I’m not. “We” will see.

It’s time to run go stimulate the economy again. See ya later.


Maybe, just maybe, they are not being charged because Sessions - who you believe to be an honest man - has looked into the matters and concluded there were no crimes committed.


because in spite of lib accusations against his wisdom and opinion for what’s good for the United States, he does not want to create a political culture of legal vendetta against an opposition candidate after the winner takes office. If the rather neutral people below him, professional FBI and Justice people do it naturally and with cause, then OK.

I can guarantee you that you libs would not be so measured.


Maybe…but as I’m observing this the same as you, Sessions appears to be “evolving” on this. All I want is that the truth be exposed. If it incriminates Trump…prosecute him. If it incriminates many of our top officials who have led departments for many years and shown that they violated their oaths, prosecute them but I want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.


That cannot be an explanation, just as no particle can go faster than the speed of light. Iron law of the universe.