COLLUSION COLLAPSE: Senate Intel Chairman Says ‘NO EVIDENCE’ of Trump-Russia Collusion | Sean Hannity


Senate Intelligence Chairman Richard Burr threw more cold water on Robert Mueller’s year-long investigation into Russian collusion Wednesday, saying his panel has found “no hard evidence” of the Trump campaign coordinating with the Kremlin.

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Obama was right about one thing, Russians could not change the put come of our elections…


I don’t know what is more fatiguing: the neverending and VILE tantrums from The Left, the active sabotaging of our warrior president’s agenda by the shameless RINOs or these “DUH” statements from OUR side regarding the OBVIOUS and the TRULY, profoundly guilty parties continue to roam free as you please with ZERO impunity while scrutinizing/manufacturing one idiotic ‘scandal’ after another to the cellular level our phenomenal president and anyone even tenuously associated with him. Ever. In. His. Life. ENOUGH with this disgusting sham of an investigation already! Investigate the investigators and all the blatant skeletons in Herr Mueller’s closet (Whitey Bulger, false imprisonment of innocents, et al). Evil evil man.


It’s time to shut down Robert Mueller.No Russian Collusion and Mueller keeps going on and on and on.


The foolishness of the left is alarming… what a bunch of jerks. A year later they have a big bag of nothing!


That’s exactly how the media want us to feel. But, just remember Hillary lost, and smile. Trump need more republicans, so get your friends to vote.