COLLINS: Democrats’ Entire Impeachment Case Based On ‘Generic Fake Statements’

Originally published at: COLLINS: Democrats’ Entire Impeachment Case Based On ‘Generic Fake Statements’ | Sean Hannity

GOP Rep. Doug Collins threw more cold-water on the Democratic Party’s impeachment obsession Thursday; saying their entire case against President Trump is predicated on “generic fake statements.”

“After all these hearings, we get abuse of power? With no real dates on anything, just generic fake statements? Democrats couldn’t come up with an argument for it. All they have is, ‘Here members, we’re going to give you abuse of power,’” said Collins before the House Judiciary Committee.

“Anybody who defends that is treading on very thin ice,” he added.

"This is as much about political expediency as it is anything else—and that should never be in articles of impeachment," @RepDougCollins said in last night's debate.

— The White House (@WhiteHouse) December 12, 2019

Collins spoke with Sean Hannity Tuesday night on Adam Schiff’s non-stop lies; saying the House Intel Chair is leading his party “over the cliff” with his never-ending impeachment fantasy.

“He’s a liar, he’s a proven liar. How does he get away with it?” asked Hannity.

“Today, he’s crossing a line. He’s taking the Democratic Party over the cliff with his lies. This President deserves much better, because what he’s doing is right. He’s saying that fairness and justice don’t matter anymore,” said Collins.

“Adam Schiff has a lot to be accountable for… This President will be re-elected because he’s doing what the American people want,” he added.

Watch Rep. Collins on ‘Hannity’ above.