College Takes Out Its Trash

Or at least temporarily removes it. There’s hope yet!

I’m sick of being asked to tip toe around certain groups while others are considered fungible. If teaching in person is that unpleasant, this “professor” should retire immediately.

Randomly assigned grades? Indigenous were wiped out through predestination?

What a sick freak. Time to retire to a mental hospital.


Cancel Culture


Articles can sometimes twist reality. Here is his full video, and yes, he uses some foul language.

Watch it to the end. He is not randomly assigning grades. He’s just venting.


Government employess especially teachers live in a total different universe than those in the private industry. 95% of the stuff they get away with someone here would get fired on the spot.

They’re in unions. That’s why. I’ve been in unions for 30+ years because of this. It allows me to bite back. Sorry that I have my best interest in mind.

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Mental hospital is for people who want to get better. He is better suited for a nursing home or a forensic center for the criminally insane.

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Cancel Culture at it’s finest. I watched the video, and the man is hilarious, I would have loved to have him as a professor.

I just watched his video… i would have loved to have him as a professor in College.

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75 and retiring at the end of the year.

There’s nothing like end-of-career-don’t-give-a- ■■■■

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Had one of those at my last rental, in a condo complex.

Nasty as sin woman who didn’t even think anything of confronting teens who were simply collecting their family’s laundry.

The day we left that place felt like a huge burden being lifted.

I just watched the video. Seems like a character.

I take back my earlier comment, for all but his grading system. He seems to be a sarcastic, somewhat cynical fellow. I would raise high hell about that grading system though.

Don’t mess around with my grade.

That isn’t his grading system. He was venting at some supposed injustice. Near the end of the video he says where to go look in order to get an A in his class. Something he previously said was not possible during his rant. That’s how you know it was just that, a rant. Not actually what he’d be doing.