College students make professors heads explode

You’re gonna love this one folks. It appears that the collegiate indoctrination program may not be as successful as we once thought. Here are few heartwarming videos of students giving their opinion of our Nit wit in chief. Cut to the chase and scroll down to the Twitter videos. Enjoy!!!

Warning. The F Bomb is dropped. Don’t watch if you have never heard the F- bomb.

College Football Fans Chant ‘ ■■■■ Joe Biden’ At Multiple Different Games | The Daily Caller


haha… love it

people get it

They have become unwoke.

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Biden won the 2020 presidential election.

WoW! Can’t slip nothin past those super sharp Aussies! Thanks for the update. Now go back to your lockdown.

What lockdown?

And deserves all the respect that his opponents gave to Trump because he won the 2016 election.

This was posted in another thread. And the article linked there pointed out that those chanting were Trump supporters.

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It is highly amusing that anyone would think that some in the USA don’t like Biden is noteworthy.

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Maybe these kids are getting indoctrination somewhere else.

Alex Jones? Qanon?

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Frat boys fratting is special why?

Isn’t that cute! Even the red state college Trumplicans are sore losers. :rofl:

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And he’s getting it!

Yes!!! Epic indoctrination fail!

Not special. Just a lot of fun to watch.

It’s been reported ad nauseum hasn’t it?
I’d say after 9 months there may be some having “buyers remorse”? :crazy_face:

Convenient that you sniped the RED STATE sore losers from my post. Pretending this is shocking…is the epic fail. :rofl::+1:

Yeah. I’m pretty sure different groups of people in different locations all chanting the same politically motivated thing and posting videos about it in order to demonstrate groupthink is indoctrination. Maybe it just doesn’t count when it’s “good” indoctrination.



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