College Admission Scandal


Having listened to Hannity for many many years, I have heard him talk about his kids’ tennis games for years. It has obviously been a priority for the kids and the family as a whole. Congratulations for the hard work paying off for them. Well done.


Really good opinion piece written by someone who worked for private college counseling services.


How is that ironic?


Reading the post I responded to helps.


This should have ended the tit-for-tat about which political side had more involvement among the ones indicted.

But meh … people want to fight. So everyone else should just keep pressing with Trump-this and Obama-that. It’s what makes the world go 'round on this board.


Ah, copy that. I missed the “ironically” in that post.

Neither is irony. But that’s for English class.


I think we can all agree this stank.


Do you think the colleges who were duped will rescind these kids’ admissions, or will they not care?


I think most will have their acceptances rescinded and likely those already matriculated will be “asked to leave.”

Here is an article on how USC will be handling it.

“So far, North-Hager said that the school has identified six students with ties to Singer’s operation in the “current admissions cycle.” Those students will be denied admission to the university.”

“USC officials say they’re going to conduct a thorough, “case-by-case review of current students and graduates that may be connected to the scheme alleged by the government.”

“We will make informed, appropriate decisions once those reviews have been completed,” Leigh Hopper, a USC spokesperson, said. “Some of these individuals may have been minors at the time of their application process.”


I don’t think my use of ironically was incorrect.




  1. in an ironic manner.
  • used to denote a paradoxical, unexpected, or coincidental situation.


There will be a lot of pressure to take action against the “adults” admissions.


Many kids are not trade school material either


So, this is how the investigation started.

“How did the bribery scam unravel?

It started, improbably, with a securities fraud investigation out of Boston, a so-called pump-and-dump stock scam that extended overseas.

FBI agents and federal prosecutors quickly homed in on a financial executive, according to several people familiar with the case, who said he was willing to cooperate with authorities. He also offered investigators a tantalizing tip, one entirely unrelated to stock prices — a Yale University women’s soccer coach had asked him for a bribe to help get his daughter admitted into the elite school.

With that, a low-profile securities investigation had led authorities to uncovering a massive college admissions scandal, a brazen plot in which wealthy parents allegedly schemed to bribe sports coaches at top colleges to admit their children.”


Tell the College Board to write their tests better.

If they did that, there wouldn’t nearly as much of a cottage industry.

Start with multiple choice answers…it’s a know fact most poorly written tests (College Board included) have ‘c’ as the answer most of the time, and none of them have more than one good distracting answer.

A well written multiple choice test will equally distribute the correct answers among all the letter options, and every question has one right answer, with the rest being good distracting answers.

It’s not a scandal, it’s complete stupidity.


What a lovely family with lovely family values! They have no trouble admitting dear ol’ dad started a business with money his parents thought was paying for courses! Just a lovely family with such wholesome values :roll_eyes:


Boy, this kid sounds brilliant, too! At least two rounds of “he, like…”

Moon Unit Zappa, is that you?!

A second cousin’s mother is an Admissions Counselor at the University of California Berkeley, yet her son didn’t get accepted.

I thought it was bad enough when his aunt lamented “His mother should have been able to get do something to get him accepted.”

Why? He simply moved onto University of California Davis. What would she have asked for next? Affirmative Action?! (Young man has African heritage on dad’s side).

Sick of these stupid people! Want offspring to attend college ‘cause you didn’t go?! There’s this amazing concept that has worked well for generations of Asian families called pushing academics from an early age.


So it turns out that money is the real affirmative action.


And fraud schemes include institutional advancement and transactional philanthropy.


Somebody has to serve the hamburgers, make lattes and wash cars …


Conservatives will take cases to the Supreme Court arguing against a fundamental unfairness about affirmative action when it comes to minorities.

And here’s a story where we see rich people paying for a spot at elite colleges and we all just shrug our shoulders since we all assumed they do it anyway.