Coincidence or Insurgency?

A few years ago we went through a rash of this. Some of it is no doubt criminals desperate to avoid incarceration.

Some of it looks like assassination of police officers to intimidate them - a textbook tactic of insurgencies.

It was very prevalent in places such as Colombia. Later the narcos called it “plata o plomo”. Money or lead. Take the bribe or die.

Be interesting to see what it ends up being more than simple criminality.

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"Doctors say the bullet was ‘miraculously deflected,’ either by the car window or the officer’s skull, and missed vital structures by millimeters," WABC reports.

Here’s a little good news, mixed in with the bad.

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I’m gonna lean towards coincidence. In the first article, we’re not sure who fired or why they fired. The second case seems like a traffic stoop gone very, very wrong. Being a law enforcement officer is a dangerous job. That hasn’t changed.

Not looking so much as cases, but trends.


Article from August noting that police officer killings were up 20% this past year.

The ones that are really interesting to me are the assassinations.

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Public vilification of police can help legitimize violence against the police. It doesn’t have to be an organized conspiracy.


There’s no deterrent. Anyone found guilty of murdering a LEO really should be taken out back of the courthouse and swung from a gallows. None of this “pronouncement of sentences “ bull ■■■■ at a later date. Stretch a few necks and watch the assaults on cops drop considerably. Of course the suicide by cop fun bunch will show up for the headlines but seriously, cop killers need to be punished severely not put in a prison to be glorified.

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You sound like some of my liberal friends who said most of the 9/11 hijackers did not know the suicide nature of the mission and were ignorant to the plan.

I have to look at all sides of this.

But if could be.

It interests me to we have to look at it from all angles

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When there is an active propaganda campaign pushing a narrative that its a policing problem, it’s not interesting…its inevitable.


Strange, being a criminal USED to be a dangerous job as well. Now officers can’t do anything unless they can convince anti police ■■■■■■■■ that they really were in danger or fear of their life.

May well be worth comparing to the late 60s thru the mid 80s. Here is a chart with historic officer deaths by year through 2020.

Officer Deaths By Year

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Yes, if only cops could just shoot people without having to prove it was necessary. :laughing::+1:t3:


I think the how is more interesting than how many.

Not “public vilification of police” but more like BLM and then all those fake virtuously, weak followers that regurgibleat their flat out nonsense like, “defund the police”. What’s disgusting, are the fake, virtuous companies that promote BLM bull feces. I hope they go bankrupt. I try to keep up and not spend a dime with these companies.

Chauvin-type videos make it easy.

If they’d have left him in the police cruiser complaining he couldn’t breath the mob would be demanding that they should have laid him on his stomach to help him breath.

If they had left him in his own car (with the guy that gave him the drugs) the mob would have been insisting that they had callously neglected him.

If they had gone for donuts instead they’d be under official review for not responding at all.

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The cop in NYC shoot while resting wasn’t an assassination attempt but a random bullet.

Of course you knew that right?