Cohen's phone was wire tapped

Covering right now, seems to be an exclusive to NBC. Seems Cohen’s phone(s) were wire-tapped weeks before the warrants were carried out.

Trump is going to go nuts, Rudy back to Fox News tonight!

This should be fun :grin:.

Strong theory from Avenatti.

and the tap caught at least one call with the WH

Here we go.

And texts.

Important to note that Cohen had 16(!) phones seized during the raid.

That’s one way to avoid a wiretap.

Now Giuliani is saying that the president should have been made aware of the wire tap.

Um, why?

Because he is a man of utmost integrity.


Says Who??

Robert Costa has been on the phone with Rudy last night and this morning.


Rudy is certainly not being honest here. And he spent years as a prosecutor who relied on phone taps all the time. There are only a handful of people who are privy to the fact that a wiretap is taking place. And from what I understand the president would not be one of them. But dollars to dog nuts Rudy will be back on Fox to let the base know that the justice system is corrupt and this whole investigation is bogus. Film at eleven.

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Man that second picture has that deer in the headlights look to it.

Right? Oh and then this:

Everyone has 16 phones

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Trump, Rudy and Cohen are acting like innocent people.

NBC is fake news…

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Oh, so this isn’t happening.


You’re adorable, you know that? Reminds me of why I enjoy volunteering at one of the local nursing homes.


LOL. Pure desperation on display here.

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