Cohen taped Trump talking about paying off a playboy model

I’m having a blast.

10 cha

Nah. He paid for the sex. The NDA was for discretion.

And no, it is not just sex, if it was found to have broken campaign finance laws. Which seems ever more likely.



Doesn’t matter. Playboy model exemption is in play.

It’s like being the devil’s advocate. For the actual devil.


I’m criticizing your attempts to downplay the affair, and praising a man of no morality, through some weird need to defend him here.

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Do you ever find your self feeling sorry for Ol Melania?

Glad to see you found your manhood.

Awwwww. My manhood never left and doesn’t require a MAGA hat.

Carry on.

I’ve said several times I am prepared to rescue her. Michele Robinson too.

In the jar on the shelf the whole time, huh?

I don’t have a MAGA hat. Maybe I should get one.

I need two MAGA hats.

I don’t need your admiration. Save it for Trump.

:rofl: Why on earth would you think I would admire either one of you?

Oh and yes you do and we both know it.

Your posts in this thread show a definitive admiration for Trump on this one.

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You could have just asked. It’s not admiration. It’s acknowledgement of one of the 10 Major Achievements.

Because you said so.

AKA: Admiration.

Oh, and that is gross. Cheating on your spouse with another woman, just because they are attractive, being one of life’s 10 Major Achievements. :face_vomiting:

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