Cohen Sues Trump Organization, Saying He Was Denied $1.9 Million in Fees

Donald Trump not paying his bills yet again. I guess Trump is gonna claim that Cohen didn’t continue to lie for him/be his fixer.

Does anyone here have clients who don’t pay their bills? Do you continue to do business with them or vote for them in local elections? Do you trust them?

Ill be curious to see how he argues this

I’m very curious to see how a criminal files suit against another criminal. It’s almost like a under boss suing a mafia boss.

Ot will be great that trump will have to pay the legal.fees of a guy who testified in front of congress against him…

Didn’t cohen testify under oath that he was not on retainer by trump?? When do these unpaid fees start??

The money is not for cohen, it is for cohens lawyers…

Seems I read that the campaign has already paid almost $200K for Cohen’s legal defense. I hope this deal wasn’t done on a handshake.

The company initially honored the deal, paying a portion of Mr. Cohen’s legal fees and promising to pay more, even as investigators stepped up their pressure on Mr. Cohen and raided his office in April 2018, according to the lawsuit.

So Trump Org. was paying and then stopped. So it sounds like a contract did exist and was being honored. So it would be interesting to see the actual contract.

oh, you know it was. con men like Trump don’t sign contracts for the illegal things they do/order/hire for.

It be really cool if Trump figured out a way to pay them from his defunct “foundation.”


If the lawyers representing cohen did not get an ironclad written agreement from trump to pay their fees than i would not feel one bit of sympathy for them not getting paid…

I don’t know. It sounds like they’re going to be looking at potentially law-breaking contracts (the alleged inflated/deflated valuations). If he thought he could get a tax break he may have put it in writing. Don’t know if Cohen’s suit is providing documentation.

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I don’t know how ironclad the contract was, but they were paying it at one time. And I don’t see why he would file suit unless his lawyers think that they breached it. I guess we won’t know until the contract is made public.

I’ll bet ya can’t squeeze blood out of a Trumpip. :sunglasses:

Yep which means he won’t be able to collect most of these fees

I remember when Barack Obama spoke glowingly about his personal attorney and then when his personal attorney was investigated, indicted and convicted and said bad stuff about Obama, Obama threw him under the bus and said he was a dirt bag. I also remember republicans laughing at Obama and calling him a crook.

The President has a responsibility to make things good, especially the men that were squeezed, jailed, and pardons are in order.
Because to many real criminals walk the streets of this country. CLAPPER, ROSENSTEIN, COMEY, CLINTONS, AND I COULD GO ON AND ON.
God Bless Seth Rich, and Julian Assange who saw unredacted wrongs, and tried in their own way, to try and make things right. Imagine this country today without that information.