Cohen Pleadin' The 5th

So Cohen ain’t talking. I believe trump said that’s sonething only mobsters do? What’s the strategy here? Sounds like Cohen’s going to fall on the sword for President Drumpf

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Whoa i like the article preview future

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In all his explanations of how Cohen wouldn’t flip, or if Cohen did flip he would be lying, the one thing President Trump never said was “Michael Cohen is innocent and hasn’t done anything wrong”.

Trump just telegraphs it.

Wait til Cohen is looking at a couple decades in the hooch, we’ll see how his tough guy act plays then


“The mob takes the Fifth Amendment. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” - President Trump


i swear i heard something about if you take the fifth you either cant be pardoned or something…unless im thinking pardons…bah…

Its if you’re pardoned, you can’t take the fifth.

Will he serve time like Susan McDougal did?

For this lawsuit? No.

Jeez…who needs to take the 5th over an NDA lawsuit? LMAO!

He’s worried about the NY investigation into his finances.

Why? He’s not a criminal is he?


Do you think Cohen is making the right decision?

I dont think this is good for trump

Innocent people don’t act like this.

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Lois Lerner?

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So he admits he is guilty of crimes.


I wonder if he’s holding out for a better deal from Mueller (dumb) or has been threatened with violence (smart).

But it’s OK now because it’s FOR La Donald.

I’m sure this has been said, but it’s going to take some getting used to you with a new avie :wink:

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