Cohen claims Trump knew in advance of 2016 Trump Tower meeting

And the drama continues, I’m sure Mueller would love to hear what Cohen has to say.

In before the Trumpists come out to let us know once again how little they care about being lied to over and over and over again, and therefore this is a non story.


Collusion gimps wouldn’t know what to do without president trump around to complain about.

I so beat you apocalypto

His CFO got subpoenaed as well.

Dammit! By two minutes. Lol!

Plasma beat you by 3 m.

It makes no sense for Trump’s team to leak this

This is coming to an end soon.

Cohen was directly involved in compensation for Russians who hacked the election, as well as negotiations regarding quid-pro-quo with Russia.

With this news tonight, its obvious that these actions were directed and approved by Donald trump, and it’s likely there are recordings to confirm this.


Called it…trumps lies are catching up to him…

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Ouchhhhhhh… (trying to get to 10 characters…)

Of course he knew. Just like Clinton knew about the dossier.

Now we need Cohen to release a tape.

Do we got The Tater now?

Closer…gonna have to testify etc…

Though somehow in the back of my mind I cant help but think they are trolling everyone and will come out saying got ya at the last second

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Nope but might have tater junior for lying to congress


That liar testifying is a waste of time. We need tapes.

This Congress? Good luck.

Or emails…

That might do it. I used to be sure it would…

Deciding next only a few month away

All of just a pessimist