Cohen being investigated for $20 Million in Bank Fraud

The best people guys. The best people.

Why would this “deal a significant blow to President Trump”? (Not going to pay NYTs for their gibberish)

Might have to do with Cohen being Trumps personal lawyer and fixer.

Or, might not. Was he trying to get a loan for Trump then?

Simply use the incognito window.

If you clear your browser history you can read it for free.

In addition, it’s gives the govt. more bargaining chips.

Ok. It says that the government is looking to see if he misrepresented assets or if he misrepresented income, not even that he did so. None of which has anything to do with Trump.
Still the hope that Trump must have done something wrong, and that only if you apply enough pressure to his lawyer, etc., it will all come pouring out.

How do you surround yourself with so many criminals and not yourself commit crimes? If I held the same circle as Trump I would be in jail.

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That’s the art of the deal. :slight_smile:

“if you ain’t grifting, you ain’t living”

2020 trump campaign slogan


Trump’s 2020 campaign slogan.

“Don’t let Democrats make America a ■■■■ hole again”

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Looks like another of his cronies will be hoping for a pardon.

Cohen is cooperating with Mueller. No way he gets a pardon.

Well maybe not. But cooperating with law enforcement almost always means a lighter sentence. Even so, $20 M is a lot of money, and might not be the only thing he’s accused of.

But it seems certain some of Trump’s cronies will be pardoned. It’s only a matter of when. Doubt anything will happen before the midterms.

I like it. I like it.

Is it soup yet?

We don’t know that for sure as he hasn’t been charged yet.

This hurts Trump because now it’s almost certain he will want a plea deal in exchange for his full cooperation with Mueller.


You would be in jail for knowing or hiring a criminal if you didn’t know he was a criminal? I didn’t know that was a thing.

More likely, Cohen’s reputation preceded him and Trump saw a kindred spirt.