COFFEE CRISIS: Starbucks Stock TUMBLES after ‘Bias Training,’ Open Bathrooms | Sean Hannity

Starbucks’ stock took a hard hit this week after the company announced its plan to close over 150 stores across the United States; plunging by 10% and reaching its lowest point in a year after the company shut over 8,000 stores for ‘anti-bias’ training.

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Open Bathrooms ?!?

At the Starbucks I go to, there are two rooms, each containing a toilet and sink. A year ago, one had a sign that said “Men” the other “women”, now neither of them have any signage.

I doubt the removal of signage lead to Starbuck’s stock price changing.

Starbuck ha single use washroom how an they be gendered?

Removing pictures from signs means children immediately get raped, according to righties.

The link in the OP is from June. Starbucks stock is up significantly this year.

A printed schedule

10:00 - 10:05 Women
10:05 - 10:10 Men