CODE RED: New Yorkers Disturbed by Empire State Building's ‘Siren Display’ During Pandemic

Originally published at: CODE RED: New Yorkers Disturbed by Empire State Building’s ‘Siren Display’ During Pandemic | Sean Hannity

Millions of New Yorkers struggled to understand Mayor Bill de Blasio’s “Code Red” lighting configuration on the Empire State Building this week; saying the frightening sight only caused further distress during the Coronavirus pandemic.

De Blasio warned residents Monday the NYPD will begin removing passengers from crowded Subway cars should the trains violate the state’s rules and regulations regarding the Coronavirus pandemic.

“The PD is going to go out there, if they see any overcrowding, they’re going to literally split it up, pull people off the train, move them along into different cars, whatever it takes,” de Blasio said Monday in an interview with NY1. “This is literally about protecting people’s lives.”

“That’s not acceptable. I understand people are trying to get somewhere, but nobody should be getting on a crowded train,” de Blasio said.

De Blasio told reporters violating the city’s social-distancing guidelines could carry a fine of $500.

Watch the disturbing images above.