COASTAL CHAOS: Trump Says Newsom Must RETURN $3.5 BILLION from Botched Rail Project | Sean Hannity

President Trump slammed California Governor Gavin Newsom on social media Wednesday night; blasting the west coast leader after scrapping a $3.5 billion high-speed rail project using federal funds.

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Yeah, …good luck getting that money back Mr. President! Liberals have all kinds of ways to spend money that doesn’t belong to them!

Project suspended because it would cost too much and take too long. So there were no studies done and no bids requested before this project was started, really. Newsom just stole $3.5 bil for his illegals.

As a taxpayer residing in northern CA who DID NOT vote for this boondoggle, I have suggested that all those counties that voted for this bogus liberal dream pay for the money already spent including the federal money spent. I also suggest all construction stop since a high-speed train between Bakersfield and Merced has no real value to anyone.

I think it is perfectly reasonable that California have to return the federal money for an uncompleted project. If they don’t want to cut a check, we can take it from any federal funding that is not required by law.

Realistically, the whole project is dead. But the 23 miles from Fresno to Madera will be a museum to stupidity.