Coast guard lieutenant planned to murder democrats and media figures


According the right no persons words affect another…so…nobody according to the right …


Sad thing but the left actions are truly responsible


How so?

He wanted to kill Pocahontas.


I know.

It’s my understand that his motive was he was being written put of the show…but then again, I’m not OUTRAGED all the time so am not looking for deep conspiracies around every dark corner…


Yeah. Threatened politically inspired action by right wingers is the subject. Just plain threatened politically inspired action is not the subject. Apples and oranges.


So we have whataboutism, false flag and “it’s the libs’ fault he wanted to kill them” in this thread so far, right?

Have I missed anything?


Actually the subject is a politically inspired right wing leaning Coast Guard lieutenant so yeah talking about incidents from years past is nothing but deflecting from the topic at hand.


If he is the only subject, then prove that his collecting weapons was personally inspired by Trump.
And, of course this has no relevance to anyone else who might be so inspired, since they are not the subject of this thread…per proclamation.


Smollett…the gift that keeps on giving.


Actually this was in the OP as well so the topic could also include anyone else inspired by the President’s words. “i guess when the president calls opponents the enemy of the people some people take it seriously

This isn’t a court of law


Did it work?


There are a ton of posts like some here over at DU. Imagine that.


Yeah, the media believed and promoted it. As well as dem leadership.


Why? Because you think that is the politically correct thing to do? Do you think politicians should comment on all serious crime allegations before the facts are adjudicated at trial? Look what happened when several politicians jumped the gun regarding the Jussie Smollet fiasco.


nah I’m sure the crackpot started stockpiling weapons way before Trump became president.

Pretty obvious Trump’s rhetoric inspired him on how to use them though, with google searches like “what if trump illegally impeached" and “civil war if trump impeached”. It seems to me a national emergency should be considered to curb the growing threat of right wing terrorism, which is responsible for 3 times more killings in the US than Islamists over the past decade.


Poor froggy.




He made it clear that what he wanted was a race war and he was hoping that if Trump was impeached it would start a race war.

He has made no statement in support of Trump and against impeachment. Far from it, he was hoping there would be impeachment so a race war would commence.

That’s why he was googling “Civil war if trump is impeached”

It was his dream.



Sounds like the reaction to Scalise from the left. I miss anything?


So “No” because it isn’t proven yet he is a Trump supporter.

And following your logic, if he is eventually shown to be a Trump supporter, or opposed to impeachment, it would be a “Yes”.