Coast guard lieutenant planned to murder democrats and media figures


No one said that. Try again.


This is the legacy of the hate, hate and nothing but hate MSM leftist media. The guy who shot up Republicans on the baseball field, cops being killed at record levels and now you’ve got this guy who thankfully was caught before he could actually harm anybody as the Bernie Sander nut job did on that baseball field.

When hate is spewed 24/7 it divides, it angers, it incites and it can cause dangerous and deranged people to do bad things.


How is it you only blame the “leftist” media for this kind of thing?


Got it. It’s the media’s fault that Trump supporters want to murder them.


THIS is all trump’s fault. The guy in the van who mailed bombs was a supporter, and now this Lt.



Yea, and that congresswoman’s husband is running for AZ Senate.


Thats some old ass talking points…


I mean it isnt like weve been basically ignoring white supremacist terror groups since 9/11… oh wait.


I want to focus on this “cops being killed at record levels” because that’s just completely factually incorrect. There were 132 felonious killings of police officers in 1972. There were 52 officers shot last year. Where are you getting your horribly inaccurate “facts”?

Also, total officers killed last year: 144. Lower than all of the 80s, all but one year in the 90s, and since 2000 there have been 14 years with higher numbers of officers killed.


No. These nuts would have supported any non-Democratic president.
Its not that Trump makes RW Nuts. Its that RW Nuts support Trump.


Trump gives permission to and encourages this behavior.


To be fair, nothing in her post was meant to resemble facts or be based in reality…


I heard that this is all due to the vile rhetoric of our treasonous president and his deplorable racist supporters.


That’s certainly what many people are saying…


Here are the words of Joe DiGenova, a frequent guest on right-wing propaganda outlets.

He knows what he is doing - stoking anger and rage against the “left”.


Sorry, folks, but this has nothing to do with Trump. Hasson has made no such claim or connection himself.

What he appears to be is a white supremacist and that’s all. That easily explains any desire to hurt liberals in the press and in the government.

His only interest in Trump is that if Trump is impeached he hoped it would start a race war and a race war was what he wanted to start, no matter how.

Anyone claiming that Hasson has expressed a need to help Trump by doing what he wanted or that he was “called” to do this by Trump is a liar.

read this:



Considering that it is being reported that he Googled a number of phrases that indicate he was very much invested in Fat Donald and Fat Donald’s ideology of hatred, I disagree with your attempt to wave this off.

Here are some of his searches:

“what if trump illegally impeached”

“civil war if trump impeached”

Fat Donald was probably briefed on these searches and liked the guy.


Jussie Smollett used the left-wing rhetoric to start a race war…and to advance his own career.


Maybe this guy and Jussie Smollett can share a jail cell together…won’t that be poetic justice?


REREAD my post. and READ the article I linked to.

Again, his interest in Trump getting impeached is his hope that would start a race war.

NOWHERE does he praise Trump or come to his defense.