Coast Guard epically failed on security for the crewed dragon capsule splashdown

The Coast Guard epically failed on security for the SpaceX crewed dragon capsule splashdown. Several boats were able to swarm the capsule after it landed prior to the SpaceX recovery ship grabbing the capsule. SpaceX unsuçessfully tried to repel them with their fast boats but the private boats persisted.

Hopefully the Coast Guard will do its job next time and bring sufficient vessels to secure the area.

I saw an aerial photograph of those boats rushing in. They were right on top of that ■■■■ with no Coast Guard even in the shot yet.

The people who ran their boats up there are stupid bastards who should spend a few days in county lockup.


Would you prefer they sink them?

You have a thing for the sea services, don’t you?

Sure seems that way.

It’s not like this is the first time the capture and rescue fleet and capsule ended up in different places.

At least this one didn’t end up on the bottom of the sea.

It is “rocket science” by definition and with so many variables sometimes they are going to miss the X.

Maybe next Time they’ll do the smart thing and aim further off shore to avoid the lookyloos?

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Who ever was in charge, should have thought of having water canons just for this purpose?