CNN uses racist insult.


Were you around for the days when a certain conservative poster used to opine about how the positive aspects of slavery were not discussed enough?


Go back a re-read my post. Check for reading comprehension.

Hint: Check title of YouTube link.


You almost got it right. Sooooo close. It’s more about condemning use of the term “token negro” as an insult. We know it’s Ok for CNN. What if it had happened on Fox. Would you still be cool with it?


The day the “proggie left” decided to use the word racist to beat the right over their head any chance they got, warranted or not?


Ah yes ol’ MikeGriffith.

Jeez that guy was nuts.

Is he here?


Not sure. I want to say I saw him pop up some months back, but I can’t remember if that was on this forum or the old one.


Not a thing. You used the name of a 100 year old institution. A name chosen during a different period. It’s fine in that context. Calling someone a “Token negro” these days is meant as a racial insult. And you being a smart girl are fully aware of that.


“The slaves learned skills, and were taught the Christian religion. Now I’m not saying slavery was a good thing but there were definitely positives that came out of the whole thing.”

Basically his whole belief system in a nutshell.


Yes, the phrase token negro is an insult and shame on CNN for allowing it. But negro is still not the N word.




Yepp. The actual N word is in a class of its own.


I haven’t seen him post here. Quick google search of his name shows him posting on a civil war site.


I ate my first and only temp ban over one of his threads.


I always kinda liked his threads. Learned quite a bit with Who posting in them.

I just checked out his website. Apparently he is also into JFK conspiracy theories.


Please tell me he is a flat earther… regardless we need a flat earther here, that would be fun.


Then he’s probably into all conspiracies. That’s typically the way it works. Believe one, believe them all with 100 percent confidence.


Lol…so out of touch


That must be a hoot.


I’m having fun stalking him, lol, brings back memories. He is still out there posting and annoying folks with his slavery wasn’t that bad talk too.


The bad thing is he and people like him actually believe that ■■■■.