CNN uses racist insult.


Ok, if you say so. I don’t care for it. But I’m irrelevant.


Hmm Michael Steele was the token of the Republican party before they sent full on bigotry


When did it become unacceptable for anyone to say it?


Thank you!!! You just confirmed what I thought… you are mad you can’t say the word in public


I am not easily offended. But I am offended when somebody uses the word negro as a cheap way to belittle another person. Nobody in the world, regardless of race, has the right to tell me different.


This thread will end in only one way.


Spare me the fake outrage.


Of course! But that will only be after 1000 reads and several hundred comments.

Thanks for helping!!!:wink:


Addressing the “token” remark. Do you believe the Republican Party has a problem when it comes to finding quality representatives who happen to be black? They certainly have a few such as Tim Scott and Mia Love, but it’s kind of hard to think of many others who aren’t sort of fringe whack jobs.

So there seems to be this desperation to find black voices espousing something resembling a “conservative” message, even if they are completely insane. Diamomd and Silk stand out as great examples. Here are two women who came to prominence spewing Pizza Gate conspiracy theories on social media. They were also invited to testify before Congress by Republicans. Why do you think that is?


Labeled as fake by a liberal. OMG!!! I just don’t know if I can go on! :sob:


Yes, the left’s propaganda is still working.

Be sure to crush and independent thought, that kind of thing can spread like wildfire.


You want to address “negro” now?


I’ve been in my fair share of hannity threads dealing with race and they all turn out like that F-18.

I’m just here for the show now.


Then sit back, relax and enjoy. But it won’t last forever. I’m switching over to Netflix soon.

  1. George Bush does not care about black people.
  2. Slavery was a choice.
  3. Abolish the 13th.
    How much time do you have?


What the ■■■■ are you talking about? I just did. Are you telling me I’m forbidden from discussing the United Negro College Fund?

Am I allowed to say frijoles negro? Because I’m going to miss not being able to order my black beans.


You really think this is “independent thought”? As if one has to be some kind of deep thinker to toss on a MAGA hat and say slavery was a choice?

  1. Poopity Scoop. Scoopdity Whoop. Whoopty Scoopty Poop. Poopty Scoopty Scoopty Woop.


Nope. Not at all.


It is amazing how conservatives are defending a gangsta rapper