CNN SUES: CNN Files Lawsuit Against President Trump Over Acosta’s Press Pass | Sean Hannity

CNN filed a lawsuit this week against President Trump and several top aides after White House correspondent Jim Acosta had his press pass removed over a contentious briefing where he refused to hand the microphone to a young intern.

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give the press pass to a Jr CNN reporter. Leave the Acoster out in the cold


Now, does that mean that if CNN loses its court case, we will never see CNN"s, journalists and reporters ever again at the White House?

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This CNN POC NEEDS TO BE FIRED FOR BEING DISRESPECTFUL. Acosta needs to find another country to live in because no on in America believes him. Maybe he could take CNN with him. HOW STUPID!!!

Jim Acosta has for two years left the impression for many people as being rude and disrespectful. April Ryan does the same. Both indicate constant disdain for the president and try to direct public opinion to support their prejudiced opinions.

My take is I love how disrespecting the POTUS is skipped over by the mainstream propaganda… Like this bum Acosta is talking to some hack in a bar or something.
Being a JOURNALIST is a privilege and a SERVICE to your country.
If Acoster isn’t going to treat the fact thathe’s in the WHITE HOUSE talking to THE LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD with respect, I’m sure there’s plenty of unknowns out there that will.
Don’t just take his ■■■■ BURN IT on live TV…it’s what he deserves after that stunt.
It’s like the immigration thing…
Where these wing nuts skip over the fact that entering this country is a PRIVILEGE and not a RIGHT.
Changing the narrative by pissing on the facts. classic CNN.

There is a simple fix for this. Give the press pas back to Acosta and never call on him again. I understand that the president was trying to be fair, but being fair to someone so rude (the nice way of putting it) usually ends as it did, with the rude person exceeding expectations for just HOW rude he can be.

If ATT is spending money for a lawsuit you can bet your bottom dollar they will win it (see Time Warner acquisition for details). they have a lot of corporate lawyers. (lots)


Where is it written that the media, although they enjoy constitutional protection, can dictate who gets press credentials? When did it become acceptable for an annoying gnat like Acosta to debate the president and rudely cut other reporters off - what about their rights? As we all know, Obama rarely called on Fox during his press conferences, and all was rosy with CNN and the libs. Amazing how times change. I believe the WH action is well past due. We, the great unwashed, do expect the talking heads to be respectful. Tired of the incessant “gotcha” questions.

That is what we have federal courts for. to right wrongs. and acosta was wronged.

ATT will win lawsuit.


So hogging a mic, pushing a woman away and showing your ass in the White House to the POTUS is acceptable behavior??
Nevermind the fact that in several countries around the world his head would be in a basket right now…

He’s abusing such freedom and his position which he obviously doesn’t deserve.

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Trumpflake tears

Democrats are the only people who will be uncivil and violent and then cry foul if they are held accountable for their actions. It isn’t about freedom of speech it is about accepting responsibility for your actions and behavior and the consequences that come with them!!!

There is freedom of the press but being a member of the select white house press corp is a previlage. Acosta abused it and lose the privilage.

The female intern, whose arm was hit by acosta as she tried to retrieve the mic, should sue acosta AND cnn.

Win on what grounds? He was harassing the President and hitting a female intern while denying he touched her. He PHYSICALLY hit a woman. Such great tolerance from the Left (sarcasm).

Due process. 5th amendment. Learn the constitution newbie.


whats with all the newbies.


5th amendment. due process.


I’m tired of “little man Acosta” and his need to monopolize the floor with no regard for his colleagues and his tremendous disrespect for our Commander-In-Chief. It’s all about HIM, it’s all about Jim Acosta and what he wants, and when he wants it.

It is not up to the White House to decide who will be at a press conference ??? The White House can’t set standards of behavior at the conference ??? CNN is such a joke.