CNN story issues scathing indictment of Obama

…based on the findings of the Mueller Report.

And for those who think this scathing article is being buried deep on the website because CNN is “Fake News” in the tank for “the libz”…nope- it’s on the landing page.

Among the revelations discussed:

*The report shows the meddling has been going on since 2014 and Obama not only did nothing about it, he had Susan Rice actively squelch any attempt TO do anything about it

*Afterwards, his sanctions were a pinprick slap on the wrist

*Even though Mitch McConnell was scapegoated as being a partisan for not wanting to reveal this meddling prior to the election, McConnell DID sign a letter urging states to secure their election procedures.

The author speculates Obama went soft because he wanted the Iran deal and needed Putin to get it…and then afterward tried to make himself look less bad. Speculates the collusion narrative may have been an attempt to deflect blame for inaction.

I’m reading the secondary sources now, and suggest people do the same and not take my word for it…or the author’s.

A sobering indication that actually, the Mueller report does make people on both sides look pretty bad.

Here is the CNN story: Mueller's report looks bad for Obama (opinion) | CNN


Id like to hold him accountable but thats fruitless these days…we hikd him accountable while the other side just plows aheas not giving a ■■■■■

Sorry cant do it.


I am amazed to see CNN actually raise any questions about Obama.

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The story is by Scott Jennings, a former Bush official, but CNN did allow it and linked it on the front page.

That’s OK.

I can hold him accountable.

Call me foolishly naive, but I go after the truth no matter whose nose gets bloodied.


Ok youre naive :slight_smile:

I have absolutely no trouble admitting Obama dropped the ball on Russian interference.

That doesn’t excuse Trump from then grabbing the ball and running it all the way to their own one yard line.

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Why? Has the CEC painted that distorted of a picture of every other network besides Fox News?

No doubt Obama ■■■■■■ up in this case. I hadn’t heard the Iran deal as a reason before. I think he was also worried about being accused of meddling in an election he was sure Hillary was going to win.

The Iran deal is potentially the reason he didn’t crack down on them in 2014 when they first started doing it, and had Rice stop any active counterattack/defense measures.

I always knew Barrack Obama was a Russian asset. Now we finally have proof. Democrats should be very afraid right now.

So, it’s treasonous traitor Obama with all the rooskie collusion…you’all were just projecting.

You got him this time!


Glad we got someone finally. Just wish we got the bad orange man.

Well… one positive aspect of all of this is that people are starting to realize that President Trump was completely wrong about his Helsinki statement.

And this appeared in today’s New York Times:

It ran alongside other pieces that were more critical of Barr.

Can anyone provide examples of Fox News providing space for criticism of Trump?

It is a lot easier to mutter “fake news” than to actually look at the content

A better comparison is this praise from Fox News when Obama was elected in 2008:

Can you provide a link for similar praise of President-Elect Trump from the New York Times or CNN?

It’s a promo for Michael Isakov’s new book. Always 50/50 when it comes to truth.

This is gonna end up being my favorite thread. People won’t be able to help themselves of being critical of Obama for things that Trump has done as well. The joy will be too great.

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I said the following here 9 hours ago.

Fair enough… I will go a step further and say I want Obama investigated for knowing this was happening and doing nothing.

He should have said to the Russians, knock this off and until you do we are imposing sanctions. And then say to the American people this is what is happening. Your social media is being inundated with false advertising against one candidate or for another. Don’t be duped!

He always fancied himself a straight talker…except on this.

I had my sister reeling last night on the phone when i said this about her hero. But the attorney in her knew I was right.