CNN SLAMMED: Trump UNLOADS on Jim Acosta for Asking if He’s ‘Concocting This Emergency’

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President Trump publicly scolded CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta Friday morning; blasting the reporter after he asked if the administration was “concocting” an emergency at the US-Mexico border.

“What do you say to your critics who say that you’re creating a national emergency, that you’re concocting a national emergency in order to get your wall?” asked Acosta from the White House lawn.

“I’ll ask the Angel Moms. Do you think I’m creating something? Ask these incredible women who lost their daughters and their sons. Your question is a very political question,” fired-back the President.

President Trump spars with CNN's Jim @Acosta and says he has a "fake question'" when asked about his crime statistics:

"Your question is a very political question, you have an agenda, you're CNN, you're fake news, the numbers that you gave are wrong"

— Yahoo News (@YahooNews) February 15, 2019

“You have an agenda, you’re CNN, you’re fake news, the numbers that you gave are wrong,” he added.

Watch the fiery exchange above.