CNN SLAMMED: Trump UNLOADS on Jim Acosta for Asking if He’s ‘Concocting This Emergency’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump publicly scolded CNN senior White House correspondent Jim Acosta Friday morning; blasting the reporter after he asked if the administration was “concocting” an emergency at the US-Mexico border.

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We all can see that Jimmy is not a Journalist at all. He’s a hack from an extremely bias network…he was crying when Hillary lost the election. I think CNN is still on the air? The only CNN reports I see are on Fox and they look so stupid with their lies.

Acosta needs to be barred from all meetings, he is a terrorist. President Trump is declaring ONE National Emergency for the safety of AMERICA.
O’crapo declared EIGHT National Emergencies…and only ONE was for the protection of America. The other SEVEN were for his cronies and dictator friends.

If he is allowed back, he should never be allowed questions and kicked out if he persists!

It is really bad for the image of journalism and the reputation of a news entity when a so-called reporter, becomes the news.

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Acosta is the spokesperson for the DC Swamp/Sewer. He should be barred from any Presidential Press Conference. He is probably on the DNC payroll.


Acosta is an ASS!, THE NATIONAL ER IS the obama had quick pens in the 8 yrs he was in control and the democraps never said a word they almost destroyed this Country…
Invasion of 7000 + people to the USA borders is enough for me,
2nd if I was Trump I would dismantle any wall in Californication and use it in Texas!,
Let Brown (the loser) and Polosi (should retire) handle their own the wall.

More likely on the payroll of the Communist Party of the USA just like the DNC

Having been in the Satellite TV busines for over 12 years and a customer for over 20, I have seen and experienced many provider vs programmer contract disputes.
One constant regarding CNN is when the contract comes up for negotiation, CNN’s parent company demands a higher per subscriber rate. And in each instance the rate for the new deal actually drops. Why is this? Because with every ratings period CNN’s over all Nielsen ratings fall.
The ONLY reason CNN exists is because the compnay gives its signal to airports and other public spaces FREE of charge. Then CNN’s management claims the network ratings are higher than reality.
CNN is among the LOWEST paying networks on pay tv.
CNN is junk. Yet, they continue to spew a far left editorial bias. The network does ZERO investigative reporting and has a propensity to distort the facts.

I’m still laughing when CNN had Jerk Acosta go out to the border and he went to where a wall is up and there. He comes on when his cameras were rolling and said he saw no problem, everything was very quiet, there were no people trying to rush this area to get into the U.S. Why was he broadcasting where there was a wall when he should have gone to where the illegals were throwing rocks at the Border Patrol who were trying their best to keep the illegals at bay? CNN and Jerk Acosta should do a comedy hour, they are so stupid and out of touch with what’s really out there, but then again, they’re owned by the Socialists Party we have in this country. Acosta is just as stupid as Ocasio-Cortez. Both of them and CNN should go to Venezuela to live. They’d be doing everyone in the United States a big favor._

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President Trump has the authority to use the U.S. Military to build the wall and the necessary supporting and connecting road network. United States Code 10 United States Code § 284 authorizes the president to use the military to build the wall in support of counter drug interdiction and operations. This was confirmed in testimony before the Armed Services Committee on January 29, 2019, put did not receive much if any publicity. The walls and roads can be built in known, suspected, and assessed and potential “drug smuggling corridors,” which are along every area on our southern border that does not have natural barriers–exactly where the President says he needs to build the wall. Both National Security in assessments, the U.S. Border Guard, and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) administration have identified and assessed that all drug corridors are virtually everywhere along the U.S.-Mexican Border

In addition, President Trump also has authority to use seized drug assets to pay for the wall. Federal law authorizes the Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury to share federally forfeited property with participating state and local law enforcement agencies. The exercise of this authority is discretionary and limited by statute. The Attorney General and the Secretary of the Treasury are not required to share property equally, as they are free to dole it out to any agency of government that participates under; 21 U.S.C. § 881(e)(1)(A), 18 U.S.C. § 981(e)(2), and 19 U.S.C. § 1616a; 31 U.S.C. § 9705(b)(4)(A) and (b)(4)(B). As a result, there is more than enough seized money available.

Last year alone, $1.6 billion in cash was seized, and that does not include tens of millions more in property seized. That annual cash flow will easily pay for the wall and roads. According to audit by the Office of Inspector General there is $6.6 billion in the seized asset fund as of 2018.

What’s worse for the Democrats is their continued effort to bash Trump in the way they are. Liberals are making the same mistake with Trump as they did with Reagan; to them, he’s merely an ignorant, trigger-happy, insipid, out-of-touch media creature.

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There is a difference between the First Amendment protecting free speech and simply allowing manipulative lies and Globalist deception.

CNN is the fruit of poison controlled by a sociopathetic Elite whose only intent is world domination and genocide of most of the world population. They have said so from the very beginning. They promote it in their agenda and the wealthiest among them stated clearly that one path is through vaccination. Right before he magnanimously provided 50,000 polio vaccines to the poor of India killing 47,500 and maiming many more.

Why doesn’t the MEDIA report on that? BECAUSE they are the arm of Globalist deception.

CNN with Jim Acosta, Cortez, Omar, Pelosi, Schumer and others are the reflection of the increase of Socialism’s indoctrination in America. It is a war against the western’s civilization with the past feudal one. A New World Order with no more freedom of religion but acceptance of one faith for all: Sharia Law. Jim Acosta and his political left supporters are denying the urgency to build the wall, taxing it as the President’s creation to get his State of Emergency. He was in fact contre-attacking the tsunami invasions by the Socialist- Globalist trying to take over our sovereignty by replacing the executive branch with the new dictatorship of the Deep State.

I was in the cable television business for 20 years. The way CNN gets carriage is being bundled with Time Warner’s other basic networks. If a TV provider wants TNT, TBS or the other networks they make them take CNN and CNN Headline as part of the deal. The way to stop this bundling is to write your congress people and ask them to stop this monopolistic negotiation. All of the broadcast networks ABC/Disney is the worst bundle their channels and providers have to take all of the garbage channels. The other thing people should do is send a message to Randall Stevenson, CEO at ATT, who own Time Warner and DirectTv and John Stankey who is the Presient of this group they aren’t going to subscribe to their services including ATT wireles/cellphone and HBO. Hit them in the pocket book drop their services.

I often wonder these people like Acosta got their Journalism degrees?- how did these people get a job in the news business?- how dumb can this guy be?- he hasn’t had enough of the President eating his lunch, that he has to come back for more- earth to Jim- you are a fake, you got your degree from a box of crackerjacks- you are an embarrassment to your network(as if they need any more), as well as the Journalism profession- go sell hot dogs on 5th Ave- maybe you would be better at that