CNN looks back at Monica Affair

I turned to CNN last night for the first time in months to what they are talking about and saw this amazing segment. Cuomo was actually asking why the media attacked Monica and not Bill.

Odd, considering CNN was the heart of the attacks against her.

Then they pretend it would be different now… It wouldn’t. They would circle the wagons and attack her all over again… I mean they just did, while Hillary was running, lol!

I have to question the accuracy of your memory of one specific stations coverage of an event that happened 25 years ago.

Incredible that you’d come across that in your first visit back after months away. :slight_smile:

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They didn’t call it the Clinton news network for nothing.

But, fine, at least we can agree, as Cuomo and guests did, that the media attacked Monica, and protected Bill.

There a part in the Monica interview where she says the Clinton admin threatened to prosecute her mother… Reminds me of the Mueller investigation.

If Stormy was talking about spinach dip, there would be a 900 post thread about it.

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How so?


I’m not sure how the Clinton white house was going to prosecute Monica’s mother. Do you think she’s lying…?

Not what I was getting towards.

How is it like the Meuller investigation?

Using the DOJ for politics…

How so?

What are the intersections between the Clinton’s in the 90’s and Mueller now?

Also… how does one square that opinion about the Clinton’s “abuse” while under their own special council investigation?

It must be very strange for some people to see a news organization which takes critical retrospective looks at it’s own coverage.

I’d be impressed, if they had changed their behavior… But we saw them defend Bill and attack accusers during the last election.