CNN is so Stupid

Video of a General Miller, CDR in Afghanistan walking with an M4. “A fully loaded M4!!!”.

Miller was in the area a bit back when there was a little dust up. They say he pulled his 9. Apparently the good General has wised up.

Good to see one being a soldier. He should be wearing his headgear and web gear.

Probably had his tailor make him some mag pockets in his clothes.

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“Fully loaded assault rifle!!!”


Yeah, but it’s “FULLY LOADED!!!”

Miller was a gunslinger. He knows how to run one. Even when it’s “FULLY LOADED!!!”

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Dear CNN…hes in a war zone…do you think he’s walking around PARTIALLY LOADED???

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The video was not putting Gen. Scott Miller carrying an M4 in any sort of bad light…I dont get what CNN did wrong here…:man_shrugging:

If anything the “fully loaded” statement added emphasis that Gen. Scott Miller was not messing around and “sending a message, that he will go where he needs to go and will not be held back”…

What am I missing?

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Trump is going to fire him for being cooler then him.

but props for Miller going to one areas which has seen active Taliban fighting recently to visit troops.

There’s a man who’ll go among the troops no matter what the weather may be.

maybe he was going out to starbucks

for a latte

cant be too safe

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that was a joke

i know there arent starbucks in afghanistan

i dont even know if they drink coffee over there

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oh my god

i was way off

weve been in afghanistan for 3 years

thats crazy


Almost 4 years ago.

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There use to be a Tim Hortons in Kandahar on the Canadian military base.

Its not an uncommon thing there was a coffee cop at the Canadian Military base in Afghanistan for 5 years.

thats a really good sign

we drink coffee

and they drink coffee

maybe if we find other things that we share

we can find peace

and end this four year war


There is no making peace with the Taliban, they are a terrorist organization.

maybe we arent trying hard enough

we could send a lot of coffee

and see what happens

Only if you believe them.