CNN goes crazy - accuses President Trump of being "hate leader" and compares him to Hitler


Proving once again Trumplicans have no critical thinking skills.


To be clear, CNN did not compare Trump to Hitler.


Hitler and Eisenhower both supported large government projects building road systems. True.
Its a fair comparison.
The same old everyone I don’t like is Hitler (or Stalin) theme. They may have both said bad things about the media of their time. So did Obama when it came to Fox news (or “fake news”…yes he started that). The point is ridiculous because Trump has never made one move or suggestion of a move of involving the government in doing anything to control or stop the media.


Frog marched was the common term…for several years.


Par for the political discourse in this country.


Yup, they gone full retard.


Ahh, imagine that… reporters reporting the news instead of being the news.


“Nazi” has become a handy catch-all for “bad” and probably every President has had the comparison thrown at them for the past 50 years or so at some point. It’s silly, I agree.

That being said - you can certainly still be an anti-semite if you have a Jewish in-law. I’m a vegetarian and my kids eat hamburgers.


Look at your boy Milo.


He’s certainly talked the talk:

He declared media who is negative toward him an “enemy of the people.”

He’s started a verbal war with business he doesn’t like (Amazon) because the same guy who owns that business owns a paper who said mean things about him (WaPo).

He’s even gone so far as to question what it takes for a “fake news” outlet to lose their license.

To say he’s never made the suggestion is dishonest. That doesn’t mean he’ll actually actually do it, but let’s be honest, just for once Doug, about his rhetoric and how far he’s taking his war against media who calls him on his ■■■■■■■■.


Nuh uh, see. Liberals watch CNN. And ALL of CNN compared Trump to Hitler, so, ALL liberals compared Trump to Hitler.

See, I broadbrushed a conclusion using the Trump idolizers playbook.


But they “misspoke”.

No, wait, what they said was true about Obama because Obama destroyed America.

No, wait, these “conservatives” do not represent all conservatives.

No, wait, these “conservatives” are part of the swamp.


Couldnt be any funnier


CNN is a voluntary Pravda… and a 24/7 hate fest.


Good one. .


Um, you’ve noticed that that’s exactly how conservatives react to literally any criticism of anything that can be remotely classified as conservative, right? They just assume liberals feel that way too, even though liberals can’t stop fighting with each other long enough to win elections most years.


I’ve seen you use the actual Pravda as a source on the old forum.


He has used the same power against the press that everyone else in the country can use…his first amendment right to express his opinion.
As President he has the power to issue executive orders and interpret the laws. So far as I know, he has not used any of these powers against the press…favorable or unfavorable.
It is certainly dishonest to compare his freedom of expression with the use of the full power of the state and murder, as was used by such as Stalin.


You said:

“. The point is ridiculous because Trump has never made one move or suggestion of a move of involving the government in doing anything to control or stop the media.”

which is the point I was refuting, and you are most certainly wrong on that. I love how you’ve got back to tried to move the goalposts, but he has SUGGESTED that perhaps media outlets who said negative things about them should have their licenses challenged.

Let that sink in Doug-Trump defines “fake news” as coverage of him that is negative, and thinks anyone who does should have their licenses challenged. He also directly engaged in vendettas against private companies because he’s mad a mean thing was said about him. He has attempted to hurt Amazon.

That you’re sitting here defending this is really appalling-I hoped you were above that, but I guess that tingle is working its way up your leg, too.


Wake me when he takes a step using his Presidential powers to actually revoke their licenses. Challenges their licenses can as easily refer to someone filing a complaint, not a Presidential action…which he has never taken.