CNN declares America over

Apparently if the rest of the world doesn’t follow brandon, America is over.

it was a great run guys.

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couldn’t possibly be that brandon is a weak ass moron, its America, we’re over.


MbS will eventually take Biden’s call.

Right now he’s still pissed over being accused of killing Jamal Khoshoggi and apparently we aren’t giving them enough help in killing people in Yemen.

Well too damn bad, dude- you did it.

Eventually he will need to take our calls though. KSA needs us to accomplish what they want to accomplish.

Guy who literally wrote a book 14 years ago called The Post-American World believes we’re living in a post-American world.

In the same interview he says a stronger, more present Europe will be a boon.

He’s right- they can be.

Can be are the operative words.

lol… the arabs don’t trust brandon. for good reason

no, they won’t be. they’ll be a threat. dominated by germany’s 4th or is it 5th reich?

If we’re discussing rando “Globalist” pundit takes, we might as well discuss this one, too. Preparing for Defeat

rando globalist pundit? no. cnn anchor.

when he wrote the book it was wishful thinking, now he thinks his wishes have come true

From the article:

But for the west to become newly united and powerful, there is one essential condition. It must succeed in Ukraine. That is why the urgent necessity of the moment is to do what it takes, bearing costs and risks to ensure that Vladimir Putin does not prevail

I haven’t seen anybody around here advocating for this

and? anybody say they did? he’s a mouthpiece for cnn and wapo.

america is over.

If you say so🙄

not me, cnn. and apparently wapo

As the US circles the drain and rivals like Russia soar gloriously, let’s not forget all the help Biden got along the way. It’s true because CNN guy said so:

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i’m sorry, your tds means nothing here. it may shock you, but he’s not the president right now

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Because history began 1/20/2020. Nothing that has gone before has any bearing.

Although the whole thing is nonsense anyway.

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So the other times he’s said this are invalid. But this one time—stop the presses. This is so stupid; I’m sorry I responded.

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is there another president who couldn’t get his calls returned? did russia invade ukraine in the last presidents tenure? has israel ever sided with our enemies and against us in any un vote?

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he didn’t say it before, he predicted it. now he’s saying it