CNBC jokes about pulling down guests underpants

- YouTube Here is an example wherein a guest was sexually harrassed by a host. He should apologize and be investigated.

He said “you can’t really pull their bottoms down any more than that can you?”

More than what?

There is some context missing here and without it the question could go either way. For example they may have been talking about complaints that SI got about the model’s bikini bottom being pulled halfway down or something.

I’m not trying to make excuses, I’d be on the fire his ass train for sure if there was sexual harassment involved.

a guest on fox once joked about Obama being assassinated.

Maybe I’m thick-skinned. I don’t see anybody doing anything wrong.

No one was talking about pulling down anyone’s underpants.

That was from 2015, and they are talking about the 2015 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, and if you google it, you will know exactly why that question is being asked.

I don’t think you could even post the picture here.

It’s vulgar.

You get em now tater.

Exactly as I surmised.

Did you Google the picture they were referring to?


This is a complete nothingburger from 2015 and the guy was asking about the SI front cover which was very close to being pornographic in nature.
BTW, where the hell is the OP? Another hit and run.

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Yes, that is how I came to that conclusion.