C'mon NBC news. This is pathetic


As we well know, there are a significant number of people, many in this forum, who believe that once you are in this country you are a part of the community and have as much right to be here as anyone else. Sure, you don’t have a right to be a serial killer, but you have as much right to be here as a native born serial killer.
There is no difference to them…except to bigots.


What I see is a silly OP.


If he was here Illegally he was not an American, until a few years back this was agreed on by both sides of the aisle that you’re not an American to at the very least you had obtained permanent residence, although technically you’re not until granted citizenship.

Websters dictionary - Illegal Alien a foreign person who lives in a country without having official permission to live there


You’re not reading the updated Webster’s Woke edition.

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Hell I must be Afghani since I am living in Afghanistan right now. Who knew. Sure wish when I lived in UAE last year I was considered an Emirati, I would be really rich now.

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Yeah sure…but the outrage…you know media “agenda”


It’s a big coverup. Nevermind the outrage about the man killing a bunch of people. The media is covering up that he is Kenyan!


Actually no. If you lived in London for 10 years they might refer to you as a London man. Thanks for being woke. Me on the other hand I’m upset about the murders. But sure, latch on to the illegal Kenyan outrage because like, build the wall and ban muslims, and deep state media.


The guy wasnt referred to as an American. He was referred to as a Texas man. In another AP article he was referred to as a Dallas man. In the video he is referred to as a Kenyan citizen. But seriously, let’s not be upset about the murders. Let’s focus on the deep state media covering up his citizenship due to super secret agenda.


Nobody said he was an american citizen. #fail





oh boy


They mentioned he was a Kenyan citizen like 20 seconds into the video on the NBC story. Geesh lol


Do you have any thoughts on the video mentioning he was a Kenyan citizen?

Watch the video which is the first thing on that page/article. Or is it some deep state SEO tactic?


Watch the video on the article page


I don’t believe his illegal status is the “most relevant” part of the story.

However I’ll throw the OP a bone here. News stories referring to crimes committed by illegals will often not emphasize their illegal status.

I’ve noticed the pattern too.

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Whaaat? I just watched the video and you are correct! So the OP was a complaint about nothing.


Ah I stand corrected due to laziness.

The argument will then be they should have put it in the headline to satisfy our fast food way of consuming the news.


it is mentioned about what 30 seconds into the video.

why was it not mentioned in the article not even once?


Deep state SEO