C'mon NBC news. This is pathetic

An illegal invader from Kenya has been accused of a killing spree that has left at least 12 dead. And NBC refers to him as “a Texas man.” Seriously? He sneaks in to the country and hides out in Texas and NBC considers him to be a Texan not a Kenyan? Good God people. You have been totally corrupted by politics. Lies of omission are still lies. Next time tell the truth. The whole truth.


Wait a second!..……………………this isn’t possible!

Democrats love women first of all, and are all for equality. you do realize that
this is a black man from Kenya right?

Wait, on second thought, Obama was President, and he was from Kenya also.

I guess in today’s society it’s ok if a man kills so many women, but only if
he is a Democrat, and black right?

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Oh it’s an illegal immigrant that means we should freak out and build a wall

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they have their agenda. they have made this abundantly clear for a long time now

they dont speak to people like you. you are too aware.

they shoot for a different audience

try not to let it bother or insult you

if you figure out how, please let me know : )

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Perhaps the point is NBC should be honest.

Wait, he didnt live in Texas?

No, he hid and apparently killed in Texas. It’s ok, if he did we’ll take care of it.

He’s not a white guy so therefore he can’t be a Texas man.

See how that works?

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So he hid and resided in Texas. Got it. That makes him a man in Texas. Therefore “Texas Man”.

No, he hid and killed in Texas. And now he’s going to die in Texas.

He’s a murdering scumbag, not a Texas man.

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■■■■■ Obama went on a killing spree?


Oh I see, backtracking on the Kenyan illegal immigrant stuff already

A man that lives in Texas, is a Texas man.

Not at all. I didn’t think it necessary, but if you need it I can build a Play Doh model:

Illegal Kenyan murdering scumbag.

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: Not hardly.

Yes, by definition, a man who lives in Texas, is a Texas man.

So a man living in New England is a snob?


Ok, if that helps you sleep.

Why are you so bent on defending an illegal alien murdering scumbag?

I’m defending NBC’s label of “Texas man”. Geesh lol

Are you?

It takes more than geography to make a Texas Man.