Clowning Around and Screaming Silly At the Confirmation

So how does one go about attaining a seat at a judgy wudgy confirmation hearing?

My first thought was that it was by invitation from the democrat party only since all the yellers in the audience are all kitty hatters. All the fracas seems kinda one sided.

So I looked it up. Turns out that it’s on a first come basis.

Kudos to the left for being up early for once. Still tacky grande though. (BTW, in the audience instructions above yelling from the peanut gallery is strictly prohibited.)

If I were in the least cynical, which I am obviously not, I’d guess that all the disruptors were employees of the republican party since with each outburst Kavan-awe’s creds go up a notch. Thanks kitty hat brigade.

It’s disrespectful…but again it’s what we come to expect from libs.


The lib kooks are a great contrast to such a nice family man as Kavanaugh…

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Kavanaugh’s own kids can’t be there to watch all because of these loons. And it’s pointless anyway, because Kavanaugh can be confirmed without a single D vote.

Women are showing up in Handmaids tale costumes and men with condom costumes. Really hard to take these loons seriously.


Been watching some this morning. Gotta say I’m way more impressed with him than I was with Gorsuchandsuch. Seems like a nice guy. And smart.

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Yes, he’s a good pick. They got nothing.

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I can’t help noticing none of libs are condemning it. Not in this thread or anywhere else.

But again it’s what we come to expect…bunch of wild monkeys.


We don’t count for much Mx. conan. More important none of the democrats on the committee condemn it.


Oh, the irony.

There’s no more disrespectful and low-class a group than today’s republicans.

And oh so spineless just to top it off.

I’d think there would at least be sympathy for Kavanaugh’s girls. And the smears and lies have been disgusting.

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They can’t have sympathy, their indoctrination doesn’t allow for it.

Yeah…I’ve also noticed that. Not one single democrat in this hearing spoke out against the disruption.

this is your shinning moment isn’t it libs.

This is who you are.

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“you lie”

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Yeah and I condone it.

Are you proud of what’s going on lib?

Since when you do you care about proper decorum

That people are protesting something with which they disagree? Yes. As long as there is no violence and no fires, the ashes of which i can use put out by relieving myself, its all good right bud?

You haven’t answered my question did you?

Are you proud of the behavior that your kin is displaying during this confirmation hearing?

I did answer your question.

So you do agree with this behavior.

Good to know.