Cloudflare errors

also getting cloudflare errors when trying to view posts

Me too… Must be near election time. Reminds me of 2016… Site got the super slows.

It’s the deep state trying to silence dissent.


Deep Slow State

Someones flooding the system… Denial of service attack. I bet…

Or could simply be a problem with the website.

That’s basically the default state of the forum these days though :slight_smile:


It all started a couple of days ago for me and it’s been getting worse. Slower and slower. Particularly if you jump between categories.

I hadn’t experienced that. Today though, this was ridiculous. I wonder if it’s back to normal now.

I noticed this started immediately after the MAGAbomber was caught.

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I noticed that too. Someone had just remarked how today was going to be an interesting day on the forum, and then suddenly I could barely use the site, if I wanted to take 2-3 minutes to load a page.

This is what I’m having too.

Probably the Russians.

Are you having that right now? I was getting stupid load times when i started using my phone. I’m on my computer at home now, and it’s normal for me.

Edit. I just checked my phone’s network. Things seem to work fine there too.

Hard to tell, seems to be getting a little better. May depend on the category. I’m on computer.

Here’s my tin foil theory. The site got ddosed for whatever reason today. My guess, it was to make it difficult to talk about the bombing today.

Or aliens.

It seems to back to ‘normal’