Clooney/Gabbard 2020

George Clooney for President 2020
Tulsi Gabbard for VP 2020

At least we know he can beat Turnip

Switch it!

Clooney can be the tie breaking vote in the Senate.

Sure why not but is a woman electable?

Yeah, women are completely electable. Ex. 2018 election.

Smyrna was here…:rofl:

I’ve been predicting Clooney for the last two years. He wouldn’t win, but he would be the Dems’ best bet.

Why would you think he wouldn’t win?

For POTUSA? I dont think so

Absolutely yes. Hillary got more votes than Trump.

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Behar/AOC 2020 FTW.

Well, you think wrongly. We can vote in a female president at any election now. Hell, the Republicans were rallying against Nancy Pelosi this entire past election and she still became Speaker of the House.

Yeah…but only because she can roll her tongue inside her mouth better than anyone else on the planet.

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Because Donald Trump is pulling the black and (legal) Hispanic vote away from the Democrats while the Democrats are also doing a great job of disenchanting many of the same, and by the time the 2020 election runs, I expect Trump’s administration will have cleaned up the electoral fraud, reined in the internet media giants’ censorship of conservative AND politically incorrect leftist voices, and the collusion between the democrats and internet giants in censoring will have also driven away a large swathe of the moderate left.

Anybody but Trump 2020

You are obviously expecting some dramatic shift from today’s polls

Can’t wait to see Tulsi debate the rest of the dems…

Looney Clooney…

I don’t believe polls. There wasn’t a dramatic shift in the polls before election night 2016, but the result was what I had expected despite the fantasy polls.

What do expect to see?