CLINTON ON POLARIZING PERSONA: ‘I’m Sure They Said that About Churchill’ | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential nominee Hillary Clinton raised eyebrows on both sides of the Atlantic Friday, likening her “polarizing” public persona to Winston Churchill while speaking with a British newspaper.

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‘My dear you are ugly, but tomorrow I shall be sober and you will still be ugly’:

the only thing hitlery has in common with churchill is their looks—but he is better looking and if churchill were alive he would repeat his famous quote—HITLERY YOU ARE UGLY, BUT TOMORROW I SHALL BE SOBER AND YOU WILL STILL BE UGLY.

What did Hillary say that wasn’t true?

What is “everything” Alex??

I’ll take Potpourri for $400.

You would be wrong.

Churchill was a very polarizing political figure.

She was right about that.

There is one huge difference between Hillary and Churchill. Churchill was elected.


Why is ANYONE interested in what this CORRUPT reptile thinks ?

Perhaps she thinks she has the power to “hold Slick Willie’s staff” and part the Koi pond.