Clinton Calls Trump a ‘Desperate Would-Be Dictator’ Trying to ‘Cling to Office’

Ironic Trump a Desperate Would Be Dictator? this is coming from the same person that had no problems hanging out with Dictators and then ruining countries like Libya with the regime change and intervention.

Biden was also for regime change agaisnt Syria as well. No doubt a Biden admin would bring out the best neocons/Neolibs on his admin while pretending to be a “Moderate”

Clinton Calls Trump a ‘Desperate Would-Be Dictator’ Trying to ‘Cling to Office’

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Come on man.


I remember a short video where Trump said something about Obama and Obama replied “At least I was a President”. Seems appropriate here.


I hate to say it but Hillbillary Clinton is the ‘Desperate Would-Be Dictator’ Trying to ‘Cling to Her Dream World.’

She does not deal with being a loser very well.


Trump can’t be bought or influenced…It drives the Swamp mad.

Laughs in Russian…


And where is what she said wrong?

Even a broken clock is right twice a day


Who cares what a private citizen says.

the news media

None of the news feeds I get ever mentioned her.

I guess I gotta dig deeper and farther to find a news feed that talks about her…besides AM radio.


I cannot find the lie I what she said.

…and this after she advises Biden to not honor the election and concede…no matter what. I luv it. :sunglasses:

or just stop pretending

Yeah. Der geugler never yaps at me about the Clintons.

Trail conditions in the UP, for some reason; breweries; but not Hillary.

Not to concede before all votes are counted…Just a wee bit of a difference.

Hillary is obviously still quite bitter about losing the election.

It “was her turn” after all. :rofl:

Thank God we dodged that bullet! What a horrible president she would have made.

…it’s the nutty right always putting hillary in the news huh gang?

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What day in the unforeseen future will that be?

You guys are really bad with adverbs.

It is the nutty right that always puts Hillary in the news. It’s not however only the nutty right.