Climate Justice threatens the Norwegian welfare state

“The case of the century” as dubbed by Norway’s media - Climate change activists suing to block oil drilling on account of a “violation” of a recently passed 2014 constitutional provision from that guarantees Norwegian citizens “a healthy environment.” Norway has used its oil production to fund its generous social welfare state, so it’s quite the irony that the very system of governance that Democratic Socialists claim to covet will collapse should this lawsuit prevail. That means no more free education, healthcare, or generous government pensions. Another example that proves woke climate advocates simply won’t be content until the world is back to a pre-industrial age standard of living.

Environmental morons.

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Interesting turn of events. Seems competing goals are a problem.


Norway is in no hurry to bankrupt their country their top three exports in order.

1 Petroleum Gas – $37 billion
2 Crude Petroleum – $33 billion
3 Refined Petroleum – $7 billion

And if they go before a judiciary comprised of Kagens and Sotomayors, “progressive change for a better future” ends all of that. With religious faith waning in Western societies, it was only a matter of time before other belief systems would emerge because humanity desperately wants to believe in something bigger than themselves. But in this case, which could have implications here if progressives get majorities, climate change theology is incompatible with a 21st century standard of living - Democrats have done a fine job masking the societal upheaval that any kind of Green New Deal would bring.

Will self-correct as long as they and us remain democratic. Voters don’t react kindly to being impoverished. Not even liberals.

Eh…it’s only money. :sunglasses:

I see that the complaint isn’t with the drilling and possible spills or leaks, it’s what the world will do with it that they’re complaining about. I don’t think that will hold water on a legal basis. This doesn’t directly impact their Constitutional change in 2014 IMO. Who ever provides this fuel, affects their country the exact same environmentally so why not be the one’s who do the selling and keep your economy healthy?

Um, they are trying to ban drilling in the arctic. Equinor drills in a lot more places than the arctic so claims of economic collapse if the lawsuit prevails are a bit overwrought on your part.

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If they prevail in this lawsuit on Constitutional grounds, the floodgate is open. Not just in Norway either.

No lib love?

This is the side of the climate change agenda that they don’t want to discuss. It’s a lowered standard of living for the plebeians.

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No, they have that covered and it’s pure evil genius. Subsidize the poors energy, then it’s vote for them, or freeze.

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Wait a minute, did you do some RESEARCH on the issue?

For shame!!!

Welp. Guess they’ll do their best to reduce the carbon foot print one way or another.

A climate thread with 14 posts?

And pray tell, where is the energy going to come from for them to subsidize?

This is why I keep challenging libs: live for one year on nothing but solar and wind power, and tell us hoe great is is to be free of fossil fuels. Of course, none of them are crazy enough to do it, which speaks volumes about the viability of it all.


What if the Norwegian courts decide to ban all oil and gas production in their ruling?

It could happen. I’m grabbing popcorn to watch.

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The rich and corporations, of course. Pretend they can’t leave, works for libs.

Obviously if one looks at the exports from Norway it would almost be the equivalent of Russia giving up fossil fuels, it would devastate their economy.

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Oh, we are going to put the rich and corporations into fires to run boilers to power steam generators?

How long to you expect that to last?