Climate change thread of despair


So no matter what we do, the developing nations are going to pollute.

So remind me why you want to pollute here again?


Sure. You don’t mind if we start by polluting “a little” in your back yard? If you don’t mind, your neighbors will.


If we went back to outhouses, gardens, no cellphones and a clean environment…I’d be fine with that.


The environment was not nearly as clean back in that day as people assume.


Ah no what does that is greed.


OK, my mistake. Thanks.


I thought that carbon dioxide wasn’t pollution.


“back to” a clean environment?


If you want something you have to pay for it.

That is one of life’s truisms that people tend to ignore.

We are going to pay either way… the question is if that cost will be borne at point of sale or if it will socialized later at a much higher cost.


Bam…and don’t leave out our growing national debt that children not even born yet will be responsible for.


We can cut more taxes to pay for that.




The planet has. But living organisms…not so much.

Also - how can you not see how man’s activity - which on a geological time scale went from zero to incredibly high in about 0.00000000001% of the earth’s life? It’s just unreal.

For millions of years of the relatively stable ecosystem’s life - in which this stable system was bothered only by occasional natural disasters (which still will occur BTW, making matters worse) - there were zero cars. Zero mining. Zero factories. ZERO EMMESSIONS other than natural ones.

And now we cover the plate in things that burn carbon and emit gas. Literally cover it.

A two hour time frame movie on the USA taken from space over the course of the earth’s life since our atmosphere stabilized would be one hour, 59 minute and 59 seconds of nothing but the rocky mountains, the great lakes and the mississippi river visible from space…night would be completely dark. The last second of the movie and you would see massive cities everywhere, smog that is visible from space and night would be like looking at the stars.

This is crazy to deny our culpability.


Sorry. My bad. I just assumed that you knew; everyone else does.


Oh lord. You never stop with the condescension, do you?


The CWA and the CAA are very firmly established in our Statutes and Regulations and are in no danger what so ever of being eliminated.


Cutting the Corporate tax rate was a start.


Trump is eliminating environmental rules?

Obviously he is. Who do you think you are fooling?


Not really. Rescinding regulations imposed in the last days of the Obama Administration is a far cry from eliminating environmental rules. 40 plus years of environmental regulations that have served us well are still in effect.


Look in the mirror.