Climate change thread of despair


Give it a rest. You know you are wrong. Furthermore, neither “improvement” nor “habitat” are in context with global warming if you really want to nit pick. But once again, you are off on the race to derail the thread.


You are right. Baby Boomers have been blowing up babies since they started getting pregnant. But the statistics aren’t accurate before R v W so I didn’t include them.


So predictable. So sad.


It kills me watching our industrial base that was subject to stricter and stricter environmental regulations, choose to go to other countries who don’t care about pollution and then observe our nation celebrate their savings at Walmart but bitch about the climate and minimum wages.


Can you do us both a favor and dispense with the “you know you are wrong” business?


It kills me that the solution is to eliminate environmental rules in an effort to bring it back.


And if we do I am fairly certain we’ll be capable of moving off earth by the time the sun goes red giant.


I’m not suggesting that. I’m suggesting libs move to China and kick their polluting ass.


The sun doesn’t have the mass to fuse Iron. That’s a requirement for a star to go super nova.

The sun will become a red giant and then collapse into a white dwarf.


That makes no sense.

But I take it you oppose Trump’s deregulation efforts then. Glad to have you aboard.


EXACTLY…and I’m glad you understand that now.


So how do you propose we get China to stop polluting?


Pulling back on our own over-regulation that drives our factories into countries with little to no pollution regulation would be a start.


Gotcha. We pollute here so we don’t have to pollute there.

Seems like a suboptimal outcome.


Understand that clean air and water means that you won’t save as much at Walmart…you can’t have both. It’s taken 4 decades to arrive at where “we” are now and the answer will take decades to fix.


Pollute a little here so we don’t end up polluting more there, correct. Interesting that so called liberals are so on board dumping all our toxins on the poor in undeveloped countries though. There are three choices, strict regulation here, which drives factories overseas to pollute even more, less regulation here which keeps them here and polluting less, or stop importing products from low pollution regulation countries. Pick one.


For starters, that’s not going to stop China from polluting. Your solution is to pollute here AND there. Wonderful.

Second, I support a strong international framework for enforcing strong environmental rules so I’d call your dilemma false.


If you think developing nations are going to submit to that you are living in fantasy land. What do you want, eco-wars? They aren’t going to volunteer to stay poor.


The goal of developing nations (especially in sub Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia) is to achieve 1st world lifestyles or at the very least second world status like that of the former Soviet Union and the eastern block. That won’t happen without massive industrial output. They aren’t going to go along with any plan that caps their ability to achieve that goal.


Absolutely spot on my friend.